IDC Security Roadshow 2018: Latest from the Battlefield

IDC Security Roadshow 2018: останні новини з поля битви

Cyber threats in Digital Economy not just rapidly grow. Their nature is changing

Widely adopted methodologies for infrastructure protection are no longer efficient. As for cybersecurity, given the level of connectivity and interdependency between systems, such a definition as “perimeter” is almost useless. Neither multifactor authentication systems nor smart monitoring platforms can guarantee that your assets will not be captured or damaged. According to IDC’s forecast one quarter of all personal data will be compromised and housed in a data lakes analyzed and utilized by consortiums of threat actors by 2021.

We constantly learn about new types and strategies of invasions, while every device or piece of content, from IoT sensors to cartoon sent by colleague, can be potentially dangerous. We detect critical vulnerabilities in hardware and software domains every day.

Incompetence is still a major weakness. Although more than half of Ukrainian companies already have been under attack, their readiness to act in conditions of cyber war is still very low.

Having efficient risk assessment methodology in place, in order to compare security costs with potential loss, is now mandatory for a modern business. Protection tools as well as attack instruments are ever-improving. Big Data, ML and AI, social engineering and game theory are now the weapon

All main areas of cyber security landscape will be in focus of the IDC Security Roadshow 2018, which will be held in Kyiv, February 22.

Further information about the conference and registration process can be found here.