Through the prism of neurosciences: unusual insights in New Year holidays

Крізь призму нейронаук: незвичний погляд на новорічні свята

On December 19-20 Beehiveor will held festive and educational event: “Through the prism of neurosciences: unusual insights in New Year holidays”!

You will get wise how evolutionary psychology and neuropsychology explain the origins and importance of rituals, traditions, and religions in our lives. Why do some persons seem attractive to us, and others no? What physiological processes produce feelings of happiness both on holidays and on weekdays.

2 days, 4 topics, 4 speakers.

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Location: MyPrintHub space (Kyiv city, 3b L. Tolsoto Str.).

Event time: 19:00-21:00 (December 19 and 20).


December 19 program:

  1. Neuropsychology of rituals, traditions, and religions:

– where did the rituals, traditions, and religions come from: neuroscientist’s opinion;

– ritual – keystone of society;

– what way are religion, imagination and children alike?

– religion and brain – in pursuit of religiosity centers;

– religiosity as the instinct;

– will there be the world without acknowledging belief in gods?

  1. Neuropsychology of the exchange:

– evolution of sociality;

– why do we make gifts;

– exchange rules and reciprocal altruism;

– how do we handle exchange task;

– why giving gifts is more pleasant than getting them.

December 20 program:

  1. Biological laws of attractiveness:

– brain centers of beauty and disgust;

– what the face will tell about;

– symmetry and beauty – don’t go too far;

– proportions matter: was Fibonacci right?

– trick of the light, shadows, and contrast;

– multipurpose ideal of human beauty – reality or fiction?

  1. Do not worry, be happy!

– neurological levels of happiness:

  • midbrain and striatum;
  • hypothalamus and epiphysis;
  • cortex of cerebral hemispheres;

– emotions – intentions and goals;

– microbes + immune system = happiness.