Biomedical Startups Competition MBioS Challenge

Biomedical Startups Competition MBioS Challenge

Biomedical startups competition MBioS Challenge

Innovation House is helping Ukrainian scientists, researchers, technological inventors, and startups in their development and communication with prospective investors.

Borsch Ventures invests and develops new emerging technological companies related to biomedical, pharmaceutical industries and healthcare. It also supports cross-programs with world’s best-known accelerators.

By pulling efforts together, we hereby announce Competition of Biomedical Startups. Inventors and innovators teams that have technological developments in the field of medicine, biology, and healthcare at the stage of idea, pre-seed, prototype, finished product or business model are kindly invited to participate.


Founder or author of idea should be the citizen of Ukraine.

To fill in questionnaire both in Ukrainian and English and to insert a link to a video in questionnaire by March 23, 2018.

To shoot presentation video in English (up to 2 min.).


Competition final

Competition finalists will introduce their projects at iForum on April 25, 2018 (Kyiv city, International Exhibition Centre). iForum is the largest IT conference of Ukraine and Eastern Europe that brings together the largest number of ideas, innovations and investors. This year more than 10,000 participants are expected to visit iForum.

Main awards

Finalists will get prizes depending on their competition category.

Places 3-5. Startups at the level of idea

Winners will be trained how to create and develop a successful product and company from the level of the idea. Namely:

– how the startup industry works;

– what it takes to make your idea work like a business;

– how to obtain a patent for invention;

– how to find your first investor ($10,000 and up);

– legal issues and much more.

Place 2. Startup at the level of pre-seed/prototype

The winner will get one-week-long acceleration along all key levels of startup development from Borsch Ventures Investment Fund.

The program includes as follows:

– technological expertise;

– certification and legal issues;

– market analysis and competitive advantage analysis;

– efficient business model creation;

– pitching;

– “road map” development to attract investments $50,000 and up;

– direct contacts with the pool of pre-seed investors and recommendations.

Moreover, the winner in this category will introduce his project to the community of British investors as a part of Medicine and Innovation UMAUK Annual Conference (May 12, 2018, London, UK).

Place 1. Startup with viable business model and cash flow

Winner will get comprehensive business analysis, comprising of:

– technological expertise;

– business model analysis;

– financial and legal consulting;

– “road map” development to attract investments of A, B Rounds $500,000 and up;

– direct contacts with venture capital investors and recommendations.

Winner will introduce his project to British investors as a part of Medicine and Innovation UMAUK Annual Conference (May 12, 2018, London, UK).

What is more, he will be given the opportunity to boost the technology level of the company by using the additional expertise obtained while visiting the R&D Centre of global leader, to introduce his company to professional foreign investors on investor’s territory (Israel, France, the UK, Germany, the USA).

R&D Centre and pool of investors are selected based on the profile of startup-winner. The winner’s visit will be performed within three months following the competition final.

Competition holders will cover all travel and accommodation costs.


Innovation House, Borsch Ventures


iForum-2018, Sanofi, Ukrainian Association of the United Kingdom (UMAUK)


National Innovation Council, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Axon Partners, UkrMedCert


  1. To promote the development of medical innovations ecosystem in Ukraine, namely:

– to draw attention to biomedical field (life science technologies) as the key industry of world-class innovations;

– to bring Ukrainian biomedical startups into proximity with international level discussion about the use of such сutting-edge technologies in the field of medicine and biology as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, Internet of things, big data, blockchain, telemedicine, personalized medicine, nanotechnologies, etc.

  1. To determine and award the finalists according to competition structure, namely:

– to select the teams of experts, whose ideas may be developed to reach the level of companies through professional cooperation with experts, accelerators, and investors;

– to contribute to the development of pre-seed and seed-stage companies, fund-raising for Ukrainian biomedical startups.


Guilhem Granier

Country Chair and General Manager at Sanofi Ukraine

Alexandr Olshanskiy

President at Internet Invest Group holding company

Victor Dosenko

MD, Head of General and Molecular Pathophysiology Department of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Max Polyakov

International Economics PhD, Managing Partner at Noosphere Ventures investment fund

Roman Cregg

MBBS, FRCA, FFPMRCA, PhD, Algiatry and Anesthesiology Expert at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery of London, UMAUK President

Alla Oliinyk

Partner at Borsch Ventures investment fund, Coordinator at Innovation Development Council under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Oleksandr Voznyak

Head of the Center of General Neurosurgery and Neurovascular Pathology at Feofaniya Clinical Hospital, Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Department of Neurosurgery of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Nana Voitenko

Neurobiologist, Electrophysiologist, Pain Researcher, MD, Professor, Head of Sensory Signaling Department of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Vadym Biloshytsky

MD, Deputy Director for Research at Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Dmitriy Gilgur

Businessman, Founder of Vimes VC Ukrainian-British consulting company

Mark Kychma

Partner at MAKTIG Venture Capital fund

International jury consists of more than 30 medical and scientific experts, representatives of pharmaceutical business and venture capital funds.

Biomedical Startups Competition MBioS Challenge