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Quiz: How well do you know Mars?

Quiz: How well do you know Mars?

Ukraine’s second March for Science was held in Kyiv. Photo report

Ukraine’s second March for Science was held in Kyiv. Photo report

Marchers had fun, competed in costume contest and took selfies with each other.On Saturday, April 14, some 300 people went for a…

11 питань про перший український конкурс біомедичних стартапів

11 questions about the first Ukrainian biomedical startups competition

Alla Oliinyk is answering the most frequently asked questions about MBioS Challenge.Acceptance of applications for the participation in the…

IDC Security Roadshow 2018: останні новини з поля битви

IDC Security Roadshow 2018: Latest from the Battlefield

Cyber threats in Digital Economy not just rapidly grow. Their nature is changingWidely adopted methodologies for infrastructure protection are no longer efficient….

Навички та вміння – сенс навчання

Skills and abilities – purpose of education

A person living in the contemporary rapidly changing world shall study all his life long, and there is a likelihood that he…

Конкурс біомедичних стартапів MBioS Challenge

Biomedical Startups Competition MBioS Challenge

Biomedical startups competition MBioS ChallengeInnovation House is helping Ukrainian scientists, researchers, technological inventors, and startups in their development and communication with prospective…

З Новим роком!

Happy New Year!

Very Happy New Year 2018 To You!We wish you a total package of energy, resources and time to make all your innovative…

10 інновацій у медицині, які будуть доступні в 2018 році

Top 10 medical innovations of the year 2018

What technologies will hit the market in the year to come? What influence will they exert on the treatment of patients and…

Держава має бачення, як допомогти винахідникам та інноваторам

The state has its vision of how to help inventors and innovators

Next year Ukraine will have the National Intellectual Property Office that will be established as a part of Ukrpatent…

Тематична конференція Business, Innovations, Education – 2018

Business, Innovations, Education – 2018 Thematic Conference

If you do not study now – tomorrow competitors will leave you behind. To all intents and purposes, the way the business…

Українські виробники забезпечать CERN матеріалами

Ukrainian manufacturers to provide CERN with materials

Tenders for the supplies to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) were won by two Ukrainian manufactures,

Пересадку голови людини здійснено у Китаї

Human head transplant is performed in China

Successful human head transplant (head transplant from the donor onto the recipient) was carried out on a corpse in China. During 18-hour…