Taisia Yastremska

Де не соромно публікуватися вченому: українські видання в інфографіці

Where decent Ukrainian scientist may be published: infographics

Innovation House found out what Ukrainian periodicals are included in the Web of Science and Scopus scientific databases, and why it is…

Ігри розуму: чому школярі «тупішають» під час канікул?

Mind games: why pupils “grow stupid” during the holidays?

Neurophysiologist Victoria Kravchenko explains on what principle our brain chooses what to forget and what to remember for a long time.

5 історій людей, що ризикнули сховатися від «великого брата»

5 stories of those, who tried to hide from Big Brother

The ubiquity of technologies has deprived modern man of privacy. We are being watched not by web cameras and cyber police, but…

Науковий комітет спробує «підтягнути» Кабмін

Scientists try to “pull up grades” of the Cabinet of Ministers

Specifically for Innovation House members of the National Council for Science & Technology told what does the Ukrainian science…

Sci-fi знижує вашу здатність аналізувати

Sci-fi curtails your ability to analyze

Sci-fi novels can make you a “bad” reader if you are a literary snob. Researchers have analyzed how popular imaginative literature and…

Why do Ukrainians prefer to study abroad rather than in Ukraine?

Why do Ukrainians prefer to study abroad rather than in Ukraine?

Ukrainians increasingly frequently choose foreign establishments to get higher education.This was told by Tetiana Pashkina, HR Expert of

HR-фахівець Тетяна Пашкіна: «Ми випускаємо дипломованих безробітних»

HR Expert Tetiana Pashkina: “We deliver unemployed persons with diplomas”

Diploma of higher education has become sort of fetish for Ukrainians and increasingly frequently instead of document, required for the obtaining of…