Військові стартапи: міфи й реальність співпраці з державою

Military startups: myths and reality of cooperation with the state

There are great many myths of Ukrainian defense industry. Perhaps, one of the most deep-rooted ones is of the closure of this…

Україні треба стати світовим IT- і криптоофшором

Ukraine shall become global “IT and crypto-offshore”

Ukraine is the only world’s country that managed to create 100% private IT field. This is because the state steered almost clear…

Віра в істину: хто визначає межі науки

Acknowledging belief in the truth: who delimits the science

When someone raises the question “Where is the borderline between the science and pseudoscience?”, then “exterior to the circle” person won’t feel…

Проста медицина

Smooth medical industry

Igor Yankovsky: In years to come hospitals will be changed! In your opinion, how will they look…

Науковий комітет спробує «підтягнути» Кабмін

Scientists try to “pull up grades” of the Cabinet of Ministers

Specifically for Innovation House members of the National Council for Science & Technology told what does the Ukrainian science…

Час або гроші: чому Україні підходить британська медична система

Time or money: why the British medical system is suitable for Ukraine

In spite of the fact that this may seem strange, but the British and the Ukrainian health care systems have similar roots….

«Теорія всього», «ліки від усього» і «вічний двигун». Які небезпеки несе псевдонаука

“Theory of everything”, “cure for everything” and “perpetual motion”. To what danger pseudoscience exposes us?

Our civilization is especially grateful to the selfless work of millions of scientists around the globe. Every day they make hypotheses, develop…

Територія інновацій

Innovation territory

Igor Yankovsky: Establishment of innovative center in Ukraine will allow the scientists, developers, inventors, startuppers, on the one…

Від SMS до Facebook Messenger: як адаптуватися до нової реальності, в якій рулять соцмережі та месенджери

From SMS to Facebook Messenger: how to adapt to a new reality, driven by social networks and messengers

The trend of using messengers in business is already 2-3 years old. Many marketers have turned their attention to Viber. But it…

Перше правило інноватора: немає жодних правил

The first rule of innovator: there are no rules

Ready-made recipes are frightfully good thing! Without ready-made recipes that are being passed down through the generations, we would not be able…

Вам лікуватися чи цукрових кульок?

What have you come for – to be treated or for sugar balls?

While studying at university, I made a little extra money at the night pharmacy. There was such a quite simple system there:…

Ми відкрились!:)

We are now open!:)

For some time now, data visualization is unquestionable must have for those who want to quickly, interestingly and clearly reveal information. This…