The first rule of innovator: there are no rules

The first rule of innovator: there are no rules

Ready-made recipes are frightfully good thing! Without ready-made recipes that are being passed down through the generations, we would not be able to exchange data. Ready-made recipes are nothing more or less than basis of civilization. This is how the written language spread, this is how other knowledge spread too – in the form of rules and instructions. Quadratisch, praktisch, gut. However, if you want to do something new, then ready-made recipes are not exactly what will help you, but on the contrary – they will hinder you greatly.

There are two paths to get some new skills.

The first one is the easiest, when someone will teach you, tell you and show at first hand, explain all the nuances, having transferred own skills or knowledge. Thus, knowledge or skill is being transferred from person to person with minimal losses, quite quickly and in an effective way. Nevertheless, knowledge or skill suffers no changes, is transferred as-is, and the one, who received it often brings nothing into it from itself. This is the path, where nothing completely new may be found.

The second path is more complicated. New skill or knowledge may be obtained through the research. We will not call them “scientific”, it is, more likely to be usual trial and error method. There are no ready-made recipes, there are no specified time-limits here. Research suggest that pristine experiment shall be conducted and does not guarantee any result. And those who follow this path have no guarantees that there is any answer to their questions at all. Therefore, such path is not easy at all. It is commonly known that it is hard to look for a black cat in a dark room. But the less the chances that a cat exists as a matter of principle, the more difficult this process is – including psychologically.

You may get skills in the process of learning and through research

You may be ingenious scientist, you may spend your whole life looking for a new substance or writing a physical formula, looking for a relationship between two quantities, and you may get nowhere. Never. Some mathematicians have put their lives to prove that the task they have been struggling with has no solution. Moreover, this “result” (indeed zero result – is also a result) is considered to be a success for mathematicians. How difficult it was for them from the viewpoint of preservation of common sense and psychological health – history is silent on this matter. But you shall have very peculiar mindset to wrestle with a task day after day with no meaningful results and not to fall into deep despondence.

However, if you are an innovator – until you are blue in the face, but you have to create something. The rule “I have found the solution for this task and this is success” does not work here. Here we shall find not only solution, but to implement it into final product (let this word mean any development process result – whether it be technology, method, ready-made tool, or something else that may be applied practically). Moreover, the product shall improve the quality of life of its users.

The innovator has challenging path. Through trial and error method he shall create ready-made innovative product, and, preferably, make it well ahead of the end of his life (otherwise he may get the title of “innovator” only posthumously, which will in no way make him happy and will definitely bring him no money). How this may be achieved? The task is simple and extremely complex at the same time. And what will be this task for you, depends on your point of view on the process.

The bottom line is that the creation of something nonexistent before – is the process that can not be scheduled, predicted and noted down step-by-step, unless you are Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Freiherr von Münchhausen, who planned to accomplish a “feat” for lunch, and actually always accomplished it. In other words, indeed, you may make up plan of you day in such a manner as it to include breakfast and gymnastics in the morning, and invention that will turn the world upside down in the afternoon, but to make this… Well, chances for such an outcome are minimal (although we will not deny that they exist, after all once in the morning Sir Isaac Newton woke up and had a swarm of annoying thoughts in his head, and in the afternoon this swarm turned into IDEA and concept of beam of light decomposition into seven colors of the spectrum emerged).

If your “innovation flow” is headed towards game direction – well, in this way we may definitely create something without losing your mind due to hopeless attempts. The main this is awareness: Innovation solutions are not scheduled, they are created if not spontaneously, then they are at least unpredictable phenomena by their definition.

Emergence of innovations can not be scheduled and predicted

So, if you “schedule innovation”, then nothing (most likely) you will came of it. But maybe “studing innovation”, you may approach it from different perspectives, and then it (most likely) will emerge. As we have already said, there are no rules here, but there are common approaches.

Create innovation in the field of knowledge or activity. It is easier for any person to create innovation in the field of knowledge or activity, in which he is proficient or which is well-known to him (and in most cases this is exactly what happens – chemists make discoveries in the field of chemistry, programmers and designers invent new intuitive interface). And once again, if you deal with the matter, in which you want to achieve something, you shall define the marker: when you notice that something is implemented inconveniently, causing discomfort of requires improvement – do not throw back this feeling with the thought “it is annoying, who cares”, but catch at it! This means that you have groped the place, where some innovation is seeking for its emergence.

We will tell you a little later about the entire transformation process from idea to ready-made solution implementation (and the first million dollars gained from it). Today we just want to note: if you are proficient in something and it seems to you that you are able to significantly improve some quality, property of something that you face with every day – your opinion and feeling are of paramount importance. You shall not listen to “experienced advisers” who tell you that “This bicycle has already been invented”. After all, it is not necessarily to be true, until the opposite is proven. If no improvement or invention has been made so far, this does not mean that it can not be created at all. On the contrary, this means that until now no one made it. And, perhaps, your idea, your innovation will be the very one that will alter this situation.

The field of ​​innovations – is the field of feelings, when something happens or is done with no proper comfort or ineffectively

If you develop your own sense of the new and passion for the reappraisal of opportunities, then by ignoring the rules and dogma you may create something unique, new and, what is most crucially, useful. All you need is not to lock yourself into acceptance of “world order”, when it seems that everything has already been invented and new perpetual motion machine or even innocuous-looking bicycle may not be constructed (in regards to the first one – it is unclear, but emergence of motorcycle flavor of the season 2017 – one-wheeled hoverboard – was the result of such research).

So there are no rules in the process of innovation, and it’s too beautiful for words.