Money to burn

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Money to burn

Money to burn. This is what the government machine thinking about when the conversation drifts to the financing of science. And not due to the fact that we have “stunted” government. But this is also the reason – they can’t stop stealing. There is just more urgent directions on the financing agenda of the state apparatus: subsidies (soon there will be elections), roads, military costs, debts to IMF, etc. This is not the top-priority nowadays.

But this is not only our “problem”. Throughout the entire world, first and foremost, countries finance scientific researches related to the “defense” (in fact related to possible attack). It is Military-Industrial Complex, from where results of scientific experiments are then transferred to a peaceful life. This is how the “microwave” or the removal of kidney stones method, which is currently used, were discovered.

All the rest – is private capital. It finances its laboratories and scientific research centers, if the business is interested in the applied result of scientists’ experiments, which may be converted into money. In addition to the commercial laboratories, in foreign countries universities are also the “engines of science”. The same business is financing global researches, for example, string theories, but as a fairy godfather in this case.

And, yes, scientists abroad often seek by themselves for the financing sources for their researches.

The situation we have is even worse. Most of our scientists, let’s say so, are the aged, who used to live in USSR period and absolutely sure (like the half of the citizens of Ukraine) that the government owes something to them.

Basically, this factor, along with the lack of governmental financing, is also the brake of national science.

For many scientists it’s just “not comme il faut” to seek for and wheedle money for their needs. Distinguished title of scientist makes no provisions for begging for filthy lucre from high capital. All for nothing. Even the great Leonardo da Vinci, in order to finance his scientific developments, wrote horoscopes for the “movers and shakers”.

The situation with universities in Ukraine is not very good too. One may hardly call them engines. More likely factories for the issue of “wallpaper degrees” on higher education. However there might be exceptions.

Let’s get back to scientists. They are slightly acting crookedly when talking about lack of money. If it is so unendurable to ask for money from the capitalists, then there are foreign grants for different researches. Google can always tell the contact details of major universities. Of course, provided that this is really a scientific development and not the phantom of the imagination of author of idea. Plus, crowdfunding has not been canceled yet. There are many platforms allowing fundraising from broad layers of population.

And the national business is looking at cooperation with scientists with increasing interest. Several centers helping to find financing for the science already exist.

I strongly believe that science has neither borders nor nationalities. If learned scholar is willing to promote this very science, then he will find opportunities. If not in Ukraine, then in another country.

Inventor of helicopter Ihor Sikorskyi is the explicit testament to this fact. And Ukraine will be proud of its citizens, wherever they are. We can do it.