We are now open!:)

We are now open!:)

For some time now, data visualization is unquestionable must have for those who want to quickly, interestingly and clearly reveal information. This is what SMM-experts, account managers and ordinary users of social networks say. Images in Facebook generate 53% more likes than text publications do. It’s not just the fact that person, in view of his/her physiological features, remembers message accompanied by “picture” a lot better.

Scientists (yes, the very same British ones!) found out that along with the digital-culture development almost all of us turn into “visual learners”. If it’s important for you to be heard and noticed, visual content is needed.

Website on innovations in Ukraine

Today I’m proud to present important part of big project – website on innovations in Ukraine and across the globe. Why only a part? Because opening of “Innovation House”, the first media center in Ukraine that promotes science and innovation, will happen shortly.

Our advantage is video

Unlike others, we create additional interaction channels. In “Innovation House” scientist or startupper will be able to shoot presentation video clip or picture shot about his/her invention. To hold international video briefing. To meet like-minded persons at the conference or roundtable discussion. To organize own workshop session or to learn something from the gurus-invitees.

At the same time, it is our principle not to compete with other innovative projects. The more “advanced locations” Ukraine has, the better it is for everyone. Residents of hubs, coworking platforms and creative spaces may always take advantage of using our production opportunities – we are open to everyone.

What are the roots of idea to create “Innovation House”

It is safe to say that it was about to occur. Ukrainians think up, make, and often successfully sell unique things, but we still are forced to collect information about our future Elon Musks bit by bit. Moreover, majority believes that Ukraine is strong in IT only. This is not so.

You will be surprised when on this website our editorial team will tell you how many worldclass discoveries and inventions do Ukrainian biologists, chemists, physicists and engineers have.

Unfortunately, up to now Ukraine has no specialized informational platform, where innovators may be engaged in a dialog with journalists and bloggers. And to promote the modern public image of country. Ambitious goal of our entire team – to fill this gap.

Sure thing, a great many people will ask why in our tough times I’m ready to invest in a non-core asset. The answer is rather simple. Because I believe in Ukraine, in our technological advantage and in the successful future of the country. Because our project is already supported by those, who are involved in creation of this future.

We are bound to be successful. Join us!