“Theory of everything”, “cure for everything” and “perpetual motion”. To what danger pseudoscience exposes us?

“Theory of everything”

Our civilization is especially grateful to the selfless work of millions of scientists around the globe. Every day they make hypotheses, develop theories, conduct impressive experiments. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail. But all these attempts, successes and failures are united by one thing – scrupulous compliance with scientific principle. In plain English, new knowledge is always originated based on the previous knowledge and facts that were accumulated over the centuries.

Boundaries of the application of theories, self-criticism and truth are of paramount importance for the real science. Thus, the truth of the nature is always one step behind, and science is the only way to learn this truth. But, what is more important for the society is that complicated procedure of scientific method is the compromise between successful development of science and technology, on the one hand, and lack of pointless use of resources and fatal accidents that may result from miscalculations, for instance, on the other hand.

In other words, real science is always doubtful of itself and works “with the brakes on”.

And danger is centering not around the fact that ordinary nationals may have wrong impression of scientific principle or may start to acknowledge “theory of everything”, “cure for everything” and “perpetual motion”.

Sooner or later pseudoscience will kill.

If the best happened – money is simply wasted and Gravitsapa is launched into orbit, as it already happened in Russia. (Gravitsapa is the engine, based on the principle of the reactionless propulsion, contradicting Newton’s First Law. Gravitsapa was installed at the Russian satellite “Yubileiny”, launched in 2008 and reported to affect the trajectory of the satellite. – Editor’s note)

If the worst happened – people, for instance, will be convinced to withdraw scientific-based treatment in favour of strange manipulations and theories. For this very reason struggle against pseudoscience is the duty of the scientist. De facto this is something like the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians.