Innovation territory

Територія інновацій

Igor Yankovsky: Establishment of innovative center in Ukraine will allow the scientists, developers, inventors, startuppers, on the one hand, to make a claim about themselves to broad public. On the other hand, businessmen, who are in search of new, interesting investment projects, will get access to top innovative ideas and developments.

A year ago, on the initiative of Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Partnership Forum”, outstanding event “Innovation House at Troitska Square” was held. It brought together scientists, businessmen, public figures, students, startuppers, opinion leaders.

First of all, this conference showed that two trends exist.

The first one – our country has information vacuum between those, who generate ideas, and society. The second one – it became clear that Ukraine needs permanent platform able to afford ground for the innovators, inventors, scientists to make a claim about themselves.

Businessmen, in their turn, will get the opportunity to find new investment ways.

A short time ago these conclusions were confirmed. On the request of “Ukrainian Partnership Forum”, survey of Ukrainian scientists was conducted. It shall be noted that for the first time ever for 25 years in a row someone set the aim to find out why society knows so little about the results of work of domestic scientists. In this September scientists, representing 35 scientific institutions in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and Odesa were polled. The total sample was 1,000 persons.

It turned out that 55% of the respondents stated that it is difficult for them to communicate information about their inventions through the media. Therefore, specialized media work for narrow audience, and “popular” media mostly prefer entertaining information (this is evidenced by 59%).

Almost 90% of the respondents stand for the creation of center specializing in popularization and support of domestic scientific research, providing technical assistance to scientists and startuppers, contributing to the formation of a positive image of scientists and entrepreneurs, and disseminating news on science and innovations in Ukraine.

Scientific workers and mostly interested in such services: lectures of famous scientists, startuppers, science popularization (60%). Foreign language courses are interested for 46% of the polled, round table discussions, master classes, workshops – 42%, interactive innovative exhibitions – 30%, assistance in professional project launch – 23%, video studio services – 22%.

Opinion poll has also shown, and this is a key aspect, that Ukrainian scientists are waiting to be supported by the business (secondarily, after the government).

Relying upon the results of last year’s conference and upon the results of fresh opinion poll of the scientists, I arrived at decision to establish permanent innovative center in Ukraine. The task of this project is to unite those, who generate ideas, scientists and persons, who are able to turn their developments into reality, estimate commercial effectiveness, and to pour cash into this process.

Thus, Innovation House was put into operation in Ukraine.

Project is already present online – Facebook and website www.current1.test/inhouse. In the space of three month Innovation House managed to reach an audience of 500,000 people in Facebook. Project’s website is already read in 86 countries.

Moreover, Innovation House team is fully engaged in organization, promotion and holding of specialized conferences.

The next stage is opening of Innovation House premises in Kyiv city at Volodymyrska St. In several months this place will be developed into the advanced space for the conferences, trainings, hackathons, round table discussions. Professional video studio is already being created. Thus, innovators will be able to shoot video about their work with the aid of professional journalists, filmmakers, videographers.

Innovation House is looking to cooperate with all those who have not only ideas, but also the strive to turn them into reality.