Ukraine as a global cybersecurity center. Why not?

Ukraine as a global cybersecurity center. Why not?

Over the recent years Ukraine has become the “testing site” for cyberweapon and for the new forms of cyberattacks, or rather it has become a real cyber-battleground. This happened because we let that happen. Our cybersecurity has always been weak, even before the outbreak of war. And not only because no one has dealt with it at the state level, but also due to the fact that many such processes were controlled by authorities not interested in the establishment of effective national security system of Ukraine and did their best for this to remain so.

No wonder that laziness and idleness abbreviated with the formula “why should anyone need us?” result in a situation where Ukrainian public sector, for instance, was vulnerable and hackable.

Every new attack brings increased recognition on the part of Ukrainian companies and public authorities that cybersecurity is the essential component of the national security. However, it is impossible to become “global cybersecurity center” in one day or in one year, especially in the thick of things. Though, this situation is somewhat simplified, since cyberattacks are of extraterritorial nature, existing “global cybersecurity centers” operate at relatively peaceful territories, such as those at adjacent territories of Estonia, for instance.

It should be noted that one cannot just wish to become global leader in cybersecurity field and succeed in this without much efforts and time spent, especially in a country with underfunding of this field or specific project. Moreover, establishment of such centers is not the solution implemented by one country, exclusive of great superpowers – China and the USA, but the actual output of arrangements and efforts of international organizations, like NATO for instance.

To put it quite simply, creation of “global cybersecurity center” using our own resources is rather expensive affair and makes little sense. It is a different matter altogether to establish such an institution in Ukraine with the assistance of the international community, which would be a good solution for our country.