10 sage pieces of advice for anyone trying to become successful startupper

10 sage pieces of advice for anyone trying to become successful startupper

Startupper – is not a profession, not a vocational aptitude, not a state of mind. This is all the above mentioned taken together. To become successful person in any business, the first thing you shall do is work, work and work. That’s out of the question. But many of those innovators, who decided to transform their ideas into material solutions, to create business and to become startuppers, see “Stop” signs on the road.  To see them, to pay attention to them, to realize and to make way toward the success – you shall understand some of the activity aspects. It shall be noted that these 10 sage pieces of advice, in fact, will help not innovators only. They may be applied to all life aspects in the modern world, and therefore, in any case, take notice of them. So, here we go…

1. Idea is nothing, implementation is everything.

We may often hear “I have an idea being worth one million dollars!” As a rule, those who use such words lightly, do this on an incredibly regular basis, but they do not implement any of these ideas. Why? Because it’s one thing to say and it’s totally another thing to make it. If truly innovative idea has leaped in your mind – implement it, do not fuss over it. None of the venture fund will give money for just an idea.

2. Innovations shall serve people.

The net result is that any innovation shall stand up for the life quality improvement of ordinary people. This may not be global scale life improvement for all the people on the planet. These may be persons of certain profession, or persons living in a certain region, left-handed persons, pianists, truck owners, gardeners, new parents or their offspring. But someone’s life shall become easier when the result of your idea is implemented.

3. Put a team together.

“One soldier does not make a battle” – this is the ancient wisdom. And in such a way our forefathers told about ancient startuppers-innovators. And now to be serious: if you are ingenious biologist, chemist, engineer, software specialist, logistician, electronic engineer – this is amazing. But to sell something, you need a salesperson (and negotiator) at least. Even the most intelligent person can not and shall not be able to do everything.

4. Learn.

Be ready to learn. There is no shame to learn, it’s shameful when you do not know and refuse to come to know this due to your stubbornness. As we have already found out, it’s amazing to be innovator, but businessman-startupper will face with many obstacles and challenges unknown to you before. Obstacles may be overcome, and challenges may be met, but only when you have identified them and have learned how to cope with them. Therefore, having stepped on unfamiliar soil, you will be forced to learn a lot of new things. And this is not because you are illiterate person. That’s the way the world wags. Even the most intelligent person can not and shall not know everything.

5. You shall have to become a seller.

There is no shame to sell. It’s not a sin, it’s not disgraceful for mindful person. Your innovation is a product, which… It is correct! It shall be sold.

Treat this as a game. Shame has never helped anyone, but it will be nice to have easiness in this process. Remember: you do not become a “marketroid”, if you are forced to sell something in your life.  It is equally true that you do not become a janitor if you clean up in your house, or vehicle washman, if you keep your vehicle well in hand.

6. Modesty cuts your income.

Modesty – is nearly always not a disgrace, save to the extent that modesty hinders business-interests. If you are ashamed to shoot for the stars, you will make no great progress. Lovely modest persons never obtain massive success. Lay fantastic plans, enter into negotiations with major market players as an equal, write letters and call the presidents of holdings, fix meetings with CEOs of companies, be eager to give a speech at the forum as a speaker. If it didn’t work out – you will make useful social contacts at least, will gain new experience and will declare aloud about yourself.

7. Keep company with people.

Talk about what you are doing to everyone around you. The main thing is that your circle of contacts shall not be limited to your family member and two your friends – then this won’t help the cause (although it can turn out well if your closest friends are Elon Musk and Richard Branson).

Make a search for new acquaintances, attend industry specific forums, fight your way to conferences – and talk, talk, talk! Of course, talk solely about yourself and your project.

8. Aim at world conquest.

If you plan to hammer together planks to build a nesting box – if the best happened, you will build this nesting box and will even hang it on the tree, but nothing more. To become a successful startupper you shall, for example, set yourself a task to provide all the parks and courtyards all over the earth with the nesting boxes. Then it may turn out well.

Serious-minded investor will not negotiate with a person, whose plans are too small. And if you say that you need $1 billion for the birdies of the entire world to have places where to pass the winter in the city (and if you have workable scheme how to implement this), – those, who want to invest or just give money to help birds of the entire world, will shepherd into a queue to you.

9. Believe in your idea.

Serious-minded businessmen, investors, public servants – they all have a nose for lies. This is a professional character feature. We may draw two conclusions from here: firstly, never tell lies (this is useful for life in general), and, secondly, hold a genuine belief in the success of your project. If you do not believe – no one will.

10. Idealize!

We do not call to lose touch with reality, no. By no means. Realize your weaknesses, accept them and work with them. Sometimes it’s just useful to appeal to higher ideas. You shall toss a challenge to the world, like Don Quixote, whatever the appearances. Luck loves eccentric persons, and having the belief that your innovation will resolve all world problems, you will be able to move heaven and earth. Regardless of circumstances as in the case with Pascal’s Wager – this will rather help you than do harm to you.