16 skills of the 21st-century needed for any student

16 якостей і навичок, необхідних студентам XXI століття

In addition to basic knowledge, students need a set of skills and personal attributes that will help them to successfully compete in contemporary society.

The concept of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) provides for the application of techniques that not only allow to get basic and intimate knowledge in a number of subjects, but to master some practical skills, learn how to build on relationships with other people, make cool-headed and responsible decisions and reach the set goals. Comprehensive “umbrella” concept includes academic knowledge acquisition, effective socialization of students and pupils, control over own emotions, emotional interaction with others, development of skills to care for others, dealing with the complex challenges, etc. As we have mentioned over and over again, establishment of comprehensive skills and knowledge for better teamwork and learnability are the key factors for students and pupils of the future — researchers say that you may only be successful if you have such skills.

As reported by World Economic Forum, new educational technologies shall help young generation to obtain those crucial skills that will facilitate participation of youth not only in educational process, but in society as a whole as well. Researchers have emphasized 16 essential skills for the students living in the 21st century divided into three groups as follows: foundational literacies, competencies, and character qualities.


16 skills of the 21st-century needed for any student

SEL concept and techniques based on it are widely used around the globe. World’s best state educational systems take it into account when drafting subject syllabuses and while shaping the global vision of future education. In particular, SEL is the fundamental concept of Singapore schools that are among the world’s top five according to Pearson Group and according to IMSS, PISA, and PIRLS international surveys.

This is yet another food for thought for the Ukrainian system of education. In addition to knowledge from subjects and disciplines, present day students and pupils shall develop their personal characteristics and shall get a range of skills in primary, secondary, and higher schools. The time has come to change the educational approach and we shall not let this opportunity pass.