6 startups became winners of MBioS Challenge

Победителями конкурса MBioS Challenge стали 6 стартапов Переможцями конкурсу MBioS Challenge стали 6 стартапів 6 startups became winners of MBioS Challenge

The jury of Ukraine’s first Biomedical Startups Competition MBioS Challenge, held by Innovation House jointly with Borsch Ventures, has announced the winners.

A total of 97 projects were submitted for consideration. 12 of which reached the final: five startups at the level of idea, another five at the level of prototype, and two startups having viable business model and cash flow. Each of them was granted the opportunity to give a talk at the stage of Ukraine’s largest technology forum iForum on April 25. Venture capital investors, businessmen, journalists, representatives of accelerators were also among the visitors of the event.

Every project had three minutes to reveal something about itself and to impress the jury. The winner was chosen following the public pitchings results.

MUSIC-Med, mobile ultrasonic surgical instrument, developed by researchers from Cherkasy city, and Esper Bionics, bionic hand prosthesis project from Kyiv city, were the best among idea-level startups.

Adsorptive carbon dressing project that heals wounds and burns, Helsi.me service that helps patients to arrange a visit to a doctor, and Latrax that offers to treat epilepsy using the vagus nerve stimulation were the best among the startups at the prototype level.

Startups at the level of the idea were fighting for the opportunity to enter the acceleration program from Borsch Ventures, i.e. to gain some knowledge in the fields of finance, marketing, etc., which is so needed for the startups.  

The prize awarded to the winning project at the commercialization level – the trip to global R&D centre, where medical innovations are being created. This prize awarded to QROK MEDICAL startup that has developed navigation system for hospitals. The system allows for tracking the patient’s location, his body temperature, and activity,

Moreover, Igor Yankovsky, patron, businessman, and Innovation House founder, has awarded the special prize – the trip to Life Sciences Baltics, one of the largest European medical and technology conferences that will be held on September 26-27, 2018 in Vilnius.

All the winners of MBioS Challenge will have the opportunity to introduce their projects to British investors during live video conference as a part of Ukrainian Medical Association of the United Kingdom, held on May 12, 2018.