Prodigal movie: Ukraine’s first scientific movie returned to Kyiv

Блудне кіно: до Києва повернувся перший український науковий фільм

The copy of movie about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was found in the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Japan.

Ukrainian full-length popular-science movie “Man and Monkey” shot in 1930 by Andrii Vinnytskyi was long considered to be lost. However, the research of international movie-distribution relations of All-Ukrainian Photo Cinema Administration – state authority in 1922-1930 – led to the Tokyo National Film Center under the National Museum of Modern Art. The negative of the movie directed by Mr. Vinnytskyi was stored there. It was classified as Ukrainian, which allowed it to be found.

35mm black-and-white positive copy of the film was recorded on the most advanced film by the Japanese film-processing laboratory in Osaka at the expense of the Dovzhenko Centre and is currently being stored in movie repository of the Dovzhenko Centre.

Блудное кино: в Киев вернулся первый украинский научный фильм Блудне кіно: до Києва повернувся перший український науковий фільм

Andrii Vinnytskyi was has shot “Man and Monkey” movie in famous Sukhumi Monkey Nursery (which was also perpetuated by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in “Monday Begins on Saturday” novel).

The Dovzhenko Centre reported that movie critics of that period said that the movie of Mr. Vinnytskyi was one of the best of its genre.  Moreover, it appeared that this movie was shown not only in Japan, but in dozens of other countries too.

In July 2018 this movie will be shown as a part of Mute Nights Film Festival.