Ministry of Education is building Science Museum

Ministry of Education is building Science Museum

According to the plans of this agency, institution will we located at 180 Antonovycha Str. – close to Ocean Plaza shopping mall and Lybidskaya metro station. The first Science Museum in Ukraine shall be emerged in Kyiv city in the fall of 2018.

Currently Ukrainian Institute of Technical Expertise and Information (UkrINTEI) and the State Scientific and Technical Library are placed here. Project is being implemented by “Aldo” company that concluded agreement with State Property Fund on July 27. Investor committed himself to repair and reconstruct the premises and to create tailor-made educational space, part of which will be the Science Museum. The total area of the space is 5000 sq.m, cost of the project – 150 mln UAH, and it shall be completed in a year.

“This project shall be the example of public-private partnership. When it is implemented millions of Ukrainian children will be able not only to learn many interesting facts about the world around, but to get the first hands-on experience of scientific work too. They will be able to study in sections, carry out tests, experiments, and at an older age – to unveil their own scientific developments and to put them into life.” – website of the MES quotes Deputy Minister, Roman Hreba.

According to the promises of the Ministry of Education, educational space will be multifunctional and will have several dozens of various zones. These are – expositions (chemistry, physics, space, underwater world, robots, etc.), areas for workshop sessions and video demonstrations, scientific theater, gravity free zone, labyrinth, open library, etc. Museum will be the platform for scientific education, based on which continuous educational vertical will be built – from child’s surprise caused by the first scientific experience, to the first scientific discovery and intellectual startup.

To implement this idea, the complex will be divided into premises as follows:

  • Exploratorium – educational platforms with interactive exhibits, explaining the operation of laws of nature (preschool age, junior school).
  • Children’s scientific studios (junior and basic schools).
  • Scientific sections (middle and senior schools).
  • Open laboratories – for pilot and experimental work in natural, exact, engineering, social and humanitarian academic disciplines (senior school).
  • Scientific coworking and scientific incubator – to bring scientific ideas to their implementation (senior school, students, young scientists).
  • Training center for teachers.
  • Profession-oriented e and diagnostic center for children and adolescents.

Students’ Scientific Research Laboratory and other developments in this field of the Minor Academy of Sciences will be basis for the new educational space. Academy will also be the complier of the Museum, and experts of the Academy will have a direct role in its creation. Polish experts, who once developed Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, will also be involved to this process.