Skills and abilities – purpose of education

Skills and abilities – purpose of education

A person living in the contemporary rapidly changing world shall study all his life long, and there is a likelihood that he would have to make several big career changes. That fact has been borne out by participants of Business, Innovations, Education – 2018 Thematic Conference that was held on February 3 in Kyiv city.

Skills and abilities – purpose of education

Several hundred owners of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as those, who are just about to start their companies, came together on February 3 in International Exhibition Centre of Kyiv city to found out more about key business education trends.

In his welcoming remarks, Alexandr Kulvanovskyi, CEO at Innovation House, has noted that this conference is not only a way to obtain useful information, but is networking as well. He encouraged all the participants to communicate, get acquainted, and share contacts.

Best experts were sharing their acquired knowledge and skills throughout the day. Thus, Taras Panchenko, Associate Professor at Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, president at Hackathon Expert Group, has told how hackathons promote business and education.

Oleh Katyukhin, expert in neuro-technologies in business, neuro-marketing and management, has revealed how neuro-technologies may be used to sell any product or service in the best conceivable way.

Everyone interested internet marketing trends, namely overwhelming majority of the participants, took great advantage of the speech given by Anton Voroniuk, Business Development Director at WebPromo.

Considering the situation in which Ukraine finds itself, the speech given by Dmytro Shestakov, managing partner at Innovations Development Platform dealing with implementation of innovations in the defense sector, was particularly relevant.

Mike Gorodetskyy

Mike Gorodetskyy

Mike Gorodetskyy, strategist and practitioner of sales departments creation, gave many tangible recommendations on the establishment of company’s sales strategy.

Dmitry Tetervak, TDSales project founder, has also shared his experience in sales system establishment.

Those, who wish to sell own products at Amazon, could get much valuable information from the speech of Ihor Herasymov, Amzhub founder.

The guest from Poland, Samuel P.N.Cook, James Cook Media founder, has shared specific knowledge with conference participants. His company is helping businessmen from the Eastern Europe to enter the Western market, using the Storytelling – unique PR-technology.

Skills and abilities – purpose of education

Samuel P. N. Cook

Very skillful speaker – teacher, business adviser, PhD, Associate Professor, marketer, dean at Kiev Business School, Mihail Krikunov, has told conference participants that no business is safe from mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. And mistakes are the cause for education. We shall draw timely and proper conclusions.

Viktor Komarenko, co-founder at Beehiveor R&D-laboratory and educational platform, in his speech titled “Education and innovations through the prism of neurosciences” has also raised the topic of mistakes. Apparently, when making mistakes, the human brain is trying to rectify and analyze them, it learns and develops.

Skills and abilities – purpose of education

Mihail Krikunov

Denys Tsapko, CEO at Innovation Development HUB IT-company, has told about “digital footprints” and about how to protect them.

What knowledge will be needed in 2018 and where they may be gained? These questions were answered by the participants of Panel Discussion “Education for business: necessity or widespread trend?”.

Thus, PhD, Associate Professor, marketer, dean at Kiev Business School, Mihail Krikunov made it clear that learnability is one of the most important skills. Artem Kornetskyy, co-founder at School of ME, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and business adviser, has added that the very role of a teacher is also being changed: this present day he shall bring together the educational services consumer with the business. Therefore, his learners and students become corporate advisers and master their skills under real-life conditions.

It is of prime importance for any expert, even if he works in a very narrow area of practice, to apply the skills from allied areas. Marketing in HR, PR in HR, for instance. This boosts the efficiency and accelerates the processes. This was told by Evelina Khmelevskaya, co-founder at Higher School of Communications.

Igor Yankovsky

Igor Yankovsky

The most reasonable educational means for the executives of major companies may be the information exchange with employees in charge of particular directions. Such a position was expressed by Igor Yankovsky, patron, businessman, and Innovation House founder. However, the emphasis should be placed on the heart of the problems that are of concern to the employees. One shall figure out why some things work out and some things don’t. This is also study mode.

Skills and abilities – purpose of education

Viktor Komarenko

Alla Oliinyk, partner at BORSCH Ventures venture capital fund, Coordinator at Innovation Development Council under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, has shared her sets of tools that are so needed for the growth and self-development. According to her, this provides the opportunity to read the foreign literature and to get a more comprehensive picture of the world.

The event moderator, marketer, adviser, and teacher Anton Volnyanskyy has summarized that the point of education is to get better and to apply the knowledge in business. No one is interested anymore in education for the sake of education.

Volodymyr Chepovyi, co-owner at Business Journal and co-investor at Ukrainian Business Hub project, has agreed with this assertion. According to him, even business is in the search of new meanings now. Therefore, impact investment trend – investment in projects that do not generate much income, but help to change the world for the better – is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. “This is actually the global trend,” – Igor Yankovsky confirmed. He believes that such projects generate only 3-4% of profits. However, the global impact investment market is estimated at $5-7 trillion a year.

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