What was the speech of Kickstarter founder in Kyiv about

What was the speech of Kickstarter founder in Kyiv about

Before the lights of Kyiv Palace of Sports the founder of Kickstarter told in what projects he would personally invest.

In late September, Charles Adler, cofounder of crowdfunding platform Kickstarter that is widely used by startups to raise money, arrived on a visit to the capital of Ukraine. Adler gave a talk on OLEROM Forum conference, where he shared the results of Kickstarter’s work, and named his favorite projects that found their funding via this platform. Moreover, he offered his insights about role of art and his new creation – Lost Arts, new space for ambitious persons.

О чем говорил основатель Kickstarter в Киеве

Innovation House quotes some highlights from his presentation.

About Kickstarter results

The global aim of Kickstarter is to boost the confidence of people and to free up creative capital. Throughout its existence, starting from April 2009, platform raised $3 billion. 130 thousand projects were financed in this fashion.

The Black Pony was the first. Its author started to paint the picture, but could not finish it without additional funding. He needed $15 only. It is not uncommon that on Kickstarter he overstepped the line and raised $35.

О чем говорил основатель Kickstarter в Киеве

Or here is another project, I would like to tell you about, from the same 2009. This is the story of a girl who studied in college and dealt with graphic design. At loose hours she wrote songs, recorded them in her kitchen and published them on the internet. One day she realized that she wanted to combine them into the album, and found Kickstarter. She needed $2 thous. to make album release. In Thursday morning fundraising began, and by midnight she got even more money than she expected. For us, as a platform, this was the first such experience. In the next 20-30 days, she raised more than $7 thous. from 200 people.

Your idea may touch the highest heights. This is evidenced by Pebble smartwatch. First they raised $35, and the net result was $20 mln.

What similarities share all these projects? They all managed to create community, put together people, who supported their creative ambitions.

About his favorite projects

Viper is one of my favourite projects. This is community of teachers and their students, who decided to build flight simulator. It all started when five youngsters – students at middle and high school – decided to create something unreal. Eventually, almost 400 people supported their idea.

О чем говорил основатель Kickstarter в Киеве

I do not know what pupils and students are interested in here, but personally I did not think of any simulators at the age of these guys.

This project is important for me as a parent. I realized that every single dollar I invest there is way more than just a dollar. This is love and friendly support, faith in these people.

These guys raised money – more than $11 thous. They built their simulator. Now I’m very interested in what will they do next and what will be their lives.

About the new offspring

Creativity or outsider thinking is something that acquires value. When Kickstarter was taken its rise, our goal was to promote new ideas. In such case, the money that was raised served as an indicator of how good these ideas were.

But creativity is the story of Sisyphus, who rolled the stone uphill just to drop it again. While talking with my friends, who are engaged in art, shoot movies, record albums, I saw that they push this stone up, despite the fact that it constantly rolling down. This is difficult and inefficient. Creative professionals, entrepreneurs often have ambitions, but do not have enough knowledge. I realized that all these people, we all, need some physical space where we could interact and share knowledge within our community.

О чем говорил основатель Kickstarter в Киеве

Personally I spent 20 years in front of a computer. Therefore, I decided that my new project would be a place for those who do something with their hands.

As a normal entrepreneur, I used Kickstarter to find funding. This was sort of cultural experiment, and here is why: I wanted to understand what creative professionals need – from designers to geeks. Therefore, I gathered about 60 people in one building in Chicago – painters, musicians, people dealing with technology. We brought a pile of every possible stuff – machine units, wires, tools, computers. This building was being prepared to be demolished and we had only one month.

To my great surprise, we managed to activate community, to develop some products and start projects.

Summarising the talk, we saved the building from demolition, and now this is our space for ambitious creative people – Lost Art. And this is how it looks now:

О чем говорил основатель Kickstarter в Киеве

I’m sure that art, music, which touches the human soul, is much more important than just technology that is dead itself.