Nearly half of Ukrainians use smartphones and instant messengers

45% of adults living in Ukraine use touch-screen smartphones. This was reported to Innovation House by LEAD9 Mobile Marketing agency that has conducted relevant research in cooperation with Kiev International Institute of Sociology.

Over the past two years, the share of smartphones used in Ukraine has grown by 26%, and it may even exceed 70% by 2020.

The vast majority of smartphone users (91%) use instant messengers. Viber is number one in Ukraine, nearly 85% of smartphone owners use it. Viber is followed by Facebook Messenger (45% of polled), Skype (33% of polled), and many other instant messengers, inclusive of those developed by telecom operators (some 20% of polled).

People aged 18 to 30 typically use smartphones, i.e. they use mobile internet. More than 85% of persons included in this group use various mobile apps (91% of polled).

“These very users are trendsetters (set trends – Editor’s note) in Ukraine. 80% of web advertising is targeted at them. This very user class is the most difficult for marketing, since they widely use mobile technologies to verify any information they receive,” – Nazar Hrynyk, CEO at LEAD9, said.

Several factors are responsible for the growth in smartphone users number. First of all, mobile internet development – thus, over the last two years, Kyivstar, Vodafone, and lifecell mobile network operators have covered with 3G network the territory, where almost 80% of the country’s population live. Moreover, market is now flooded with cheap smartphones, telecom operators have launched partner programs with retail chains. Not the least reason was the fact that early adopters market segment (those, who start using new goods or services immediately upon their appearance on the market) is rather considerable.

Considering this statistical data, mobile advertising segment is growing in popularity for retail chains, LEAD9 believes. After all, mobile industry has target-specific geo-targeting that renders it possible to keep track of consumer’s location

Mobile advertising aimed at user’s geo-location is becoming increasingly attractive in Ukraine. Coffeehouse chains, chain stores, taxis and even cinemas take advantage of this trend now. “But this is the data of another study,” – Nazar Hrynyk said.