Sci-fi curtails your ability to analyze

Sci-fi curtails your ability to analyze

Sci-fi novels can make you a “bad” reader if you are a literary snob. Researchers have analyzed how popular imaginative literature and science fiction affect the reader’s perception of the character.

Participants were asked to read one of two texts consisting of 1,000 words. Both versions were identical except for the marker words that are the indicative of action scene. Thus, readers of non-fiction texts were released from the need to figure out “physics” of dwelling world of the characters.

The central character of genre neutral text version wakes up in his house before going to the snackbar. The same character of sci-fi text wakes up in the spacecraft cabin and goes to the dining room, filled with people, aliens and androids. Both texts are actually the same story, except for the difference in words like “door” and “gateway”.

Thus, researchers have discovered that sci-fi limits the reader’s perception of the literary quality inasmuch as the reader is focusing on clarification of the features of the new world and shows less empathy for the characters. As a result, the text is perceived as the product of lower quality, even if the content is the same.

However, the scientists acknowledge that this statement is not veracious for all the readers, and is much stronger for those who have a grudge against sci-fi literature. It has been said that the literary snobs will read the word “gateway” and will assume that the book is unworthy, and this will automatically impair the understanding of the text.