How much doctors earn?

Сколько зарабатывают врачи? Скільки заробляють лікарі? How much doctors earn?

Average salary per hour of medical specialist in the Netherlands amounts to UAH 700 ($ 25).

Medic Footprints has published the statistical data for the year 2016 that show what is the average yearly salary of specialists working in the field of medicine. In most countries general practitioners earn slightly less, and annual salaries of medical specialists look much more impressive. All amounts are stated in $.

Average yearly salary (specialists):
The Netherlands$253 000
Australia$247 000
The USA$230 000
Belgium$188 000
Canada$161 000
The United Kingdom$150 000
France$149 000
Ireland$143 000
Switzerland$130 000
Denmark$91 000

Thus, the Netherlands are ranked first in the rating list of the highest-paid doctors. The specialists working there get an average of $253,000 per year. If we convert this figure in UAH and divide by the number of days and hours per year, then we will see that every single hour nearly UAH 700 ($ 25) are credited to the account of the doctor from the Netherlands, even when he sleeps. The cost of living is the Netherlands is rather high, the work done by a doctor is important and respectable, but in any case, this amount seems to be unreal.

In your opinion, what is the decent salary of medical specialist in Ukraine?

Doctors from Australia and the USA are not far away from their Netherlandish workmates. Developed European states and Canada are next in the list of countries, where doctors get big income.

In any case, it is obvious that the salaries of medical specialists from all these countries are many times larger than Ukrainian salaries. It is worth noting in this respect that various health care delivery models are deployed in these countries – from “relatively free of charge” in the UK and Canada to notorious health care in the United States, where health insurance predominates and where regular citizen may face bankruptcy upon the receipt of some medical services.

At this present state Ukraine is at the crossroads. Health care reform initiated in Ukraine may last very long. On top of everything, if we draw a parallel between other reforms in our country, we will see that they may be not exactly as planned. There is still a long haul ahead to realize how much may Ukrainian doctors earn. Therefore, the pertinent question here is: what may be decent Ukrainian salary of medical specialist, the one who devotes all his life to master his skills and to save human lives?