Kyiv theater will go on tour… to Troyeschina, Teremki and Solomenka

Kyiv theater will go on tour… to Troyeschina

Cultural project “Wild Theater”, positioned as an alternative to an academic one, starts its “tour” among districts of Kyiv alienated from the central city.

“Citizens of Kyiv don’t go to the theater much nowadays. For those who live far from the center, for instance in residential districts, it becomes even harder. That’s why we’ve decided to undertake such a local expansion. Interestingly, some of the core viewers bought their tickets as soon as they became aware of our plans, enjoying the possibility to view the plays almost “at home”, – as comments the founder of “Wild Theater”, Jaroslava Kravchenko, on the first experiment’s results.

“Wild Theater”, founded in January 2016, is a movable theater that performs on different platforms, giving its preference to plays on acute discussion issues and cooperating with theater universities graduates as well as apprentices from private studios. “We react on reality swiftly and critically, our performances could traumatize and outrage” – the “Wild’s” motto. On the 27th of April the actors are to prove this motto – under innovative tour project, with play “Be at the Bottom” for DVRZ community.

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