The perfect soldier: what students IT companies are looking for

Идеальный солдат: какие студенты нужны IT-компаниям Ідеальний солдат: які студенти потрібні IT-компаніям The perfect soldier: what students IT companies are looking for

Ukrainian students dream of working in IT field. However, business is fed up with teaching them up and made its claims against young experts

For three consecutive years IT field remains to be the most attractive for Ukrainian students. Every year, EY international audit company conducts “Best Employer” Survey, and based on the results of 2017, 18 IT companies were among TOP-100, inclusive of Google, Microsoft, SoftServe. The survey involved 1,500 students from more than 30 higher education establishments of Ukraine.

Career growth (69%) is the most significant factor for the students. Salary level (60%) is running second. Personal and professional growth (53%), company’s market position (50%), and international experience (49%) are next in turn. In 2017 this list was first supplemented by innovativeness factor. Surveyors believe that it is getting more and more important for the representatives of Generation Y – those, who were born after 1981. Indeed, one third of the respondents said that it is important for them to work at innovative company.

Students are ready to relocate for the sake of decent job: 72% of respondents are ready to relocate within Ukraine for the employment purposes, and 82% will relocate abroad. The most frequently mentioned countries for relocation are the USA, Germany, and Poland.

Teach all over again

Students admit that on frequent occasions they are lack of experience, knowledge, and skills. Almost every fifth respondent is complaining about prejudice against them on the part of employers.

Indeed, graduates leave the universities “un-skilled”, and employers are forced to teach them up or even retrain them. As a general rule, a couple of months are wasted for this.

Universities prepare less IT guys than the country needs

Moreover, this field is lack of personnel. According to IT Ukraine Association, in 2017 Ukrainian IT field has increased by 20%, and is currently comprising of 120,000 experts. To sustain this growth rate, this year it shall be replenished with some 25 to 30 thousand of experts, while the number of IT-specialized students annually prepared in Ukraine does not exceed 12 to 16 thousand.

Thus, GlobalLogic company is cooperating with more than 700 technical experts of entry-level. The company expects that in 2018 it will need 25-30% more employees.

To save time and to make fully prepared students, companies participating in the association – 58 software development companies generating more than 50% of market revenue – made a list of unified requirements for junior experts. It includes three most popular IT experts – development, testing and automated testing of software.

This list was read out aloud before the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and other universities as well at “Synergy: Higher Education Establishment and IT Business” Сonference, held on April 18.

What shall IT guy freshman be able to do

To start working in the field of IT, one shall have mid-level skills of HTML/CSS programming, primary level of JavaScript, and .NET. The quality of code and bug tracking are not priority parameters, since they are gained with experience.

Prospective employee shall have a set of special skills: basic ability to withstand stress, experience and skill of teamwork, and time-management tools.

There is no future in the IT field for you if your English is poor, however, entry-level engineers may have a command of English at B1 level. This should be enough to work with specifications and to communicate with foreign customers.

All these skills require no additional higher professional education. Most of them may be mastered by your own and they will serve as a starting career point of prospective experts.

Most of the required skills may be mastered by your own

“The further success of the Ukrainian IT field depends on the ability of our educational system to adapt to a rather dynamic market,” – Maxim Pachabut, Vice-President of IT Ukraine Association on Education, said.

He hopes that universities will update their curricula to comply with the market requirements, and students will understand in which direction they shall develop themselves.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has supported this idea and is ready to assist. This was reported by Oleh Sharov, Head of the Higher Education Department at the Ministry of Education and Science. He recalled that in 2014, when the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” was adopted, universities were empowered to develop their curricula by their own. At the same time, much will depend on the motivation of the teaching staff at the local level and on the readiness to make changes. And this is where the support from the business may be needed.