Patients play video games in Ukrainian hospitals. What for?

Patients play video games in Ukrainian hospitals. What for?

Ukrainian doctors jointly with Raccoon.World startup are trying to figure out how games may recover the health of patients with hand injuries.In…

5 медичних стартапів з України, про яких дізнався світ

5 world-renowned medical startups of Ukrainian origin

Innovation House is hereby introducing you five interesting, but not hyped Ukrainian startups that managed to achieve success outside the country.Ukrainian IT…

Проста медицина

Smooth medical industry

Igor Yankovsky: In years to come hospitals will be changed! In your opinion, how will they look…

Час або гроші: чому Україні підходить британська медична система

Time or money: why the British medical system is suitable for Ukraine

In spite of the fact that this may seem strange, but the British and the Ukrainian health care systems have similar roots….

Олександр Возняк: «Нейрохірургія – це рукоділля»

Dr. Oleksandr Voznyak, M.D., Ph.D.: “Neurosurgery is handiwork”

Innovation House keeps on making you acquaint with the best Ukrainian neurosurgeons and neurosurgical clinics.Renovated second bulk of Feofaniya Hospital looks…

Пророки у своїй вітчизні. Частина I.

Prophets that are recognized in their own land. Part I.

How Ukrainian neurosurgeons save lives with the aid of their experience, advanced technologies and techniquesWhat are the possibilities of domestic neurosurgery and…