Rules of the use of website


of the use of website and information posted on the website: current1.test/inhouse in the Internet
(hereinafter – the Rules, Website, Information).

  1. These Rules shall apply to all persons without any exception, who independently at their own and sole discretion process Information (text, graphic, photo, video content posted on the Website), namely: look through, browse, copy, cite, transfer, translate, transmit, reprint, comment, and use in any other way the Information, which is posted (available) on the Website, (hereinafter – Users) and who are not disposers (moderators, administrators of the Website) and/or owners of relevant Information (authors, owners of exclusive property rights).
  2. Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and editorial team of the Website hereby inform all persons, who pursuant to Clause 1 of the Rules are the Users of Information from the Website, that any use (processing) of Information (posted) on the Website, shall be performed by them pursuant to the terms and procedures of Article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (Deed of Adherence).
  3. Pursuant to Clause 2 of the Rules, the Users shall unreservedly and without any objection agree with these Rules, meet, take into account, accept and comply with them during any use of Information from the Website and during performance by them of any action on the Website.
  4. All the exclusive property and non-property copyrights to the Information (material) posted on the Website, belong to Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or authors of such Information, unless otherwise specified in the text.
  5. During the use of the Website and use of Information from the Website, the Users shall commit themselves to comply with and meet the restrictions, reservations, terms, conditions, requirements as follows:
    1. Text materials (copyright-protected items) posted on the Website (hereinafter – Materials) may be used by Users without written permission from the designated (authorized) persons of the Website and at no charge only if the hyperlink to the Website is put.
    2. When text Materials and/or combined Materials having the textual part are copied from the Website, the internet-based media shall put direct, opened to the search engines hyperlink to the webpage, from which Material is copied. Hyperlink shall be put regardless of the full or partial use of Materials. Hyperlink shall be placed in the subhead or in the first paragraph of the Material. In the event of full or partial oral citing of Materials from the Website, oral reference (for television and radio programs) and written reference (for print media) is obligatory.
    3. Materials of public events (internet-conferences, press-conferences, “round-table” conferences, online broadcastings/streams) of “Innovation House”, posted on the Website, shall relate to private (non-commercial) use, looking through and browsing. If such Materials are used in mass media (Internet, print media) the indication of primary source in the first paragraph of the text (text: current1.test/inhouse) and/or place of public event holding (text: “Innovation House”, Kyiv city, 89/91 Volodymyrska Str.) is obligatory.
    4. Use of photo materials of photographers of the Website is permitted subject to placing under them the copyright:
    5. Any use of photo-, graphic-, video-, audio- and other materials, posted on the Website and owned by third parties, is prohibited.
    6. Any commercial use of Information, reproduction of texts or their fragments for the purpose of commercial realization of the right of access to this Information and/or public (mass) broadcasts, displays, demonstrations is prohibited.
    7. Authorized person of the Website (moderator, member of editorial team) shall have the right to prohibit posting of Information on the Website and/or shall have the right to delete the User’s comment (Information posted on the Website by the third parties) if it contains:
      1. abusive language,
      2. personal data of other persons,
      3. insults, slanders, threats towards anyone,
      4. advertisements, promotional announcement
      5. materials, prohibited by the laws of Ukraine – those, calling for terrorist attacks, intended to incite inter-ethnic, racial and religious hostility, etc.
      6. duplicate comments, meaningless comments, comments not related to the subject matter of article, to which they are added,
      7. references to external internet-resources,
      8. comments containing propaganda, calls for separatism, terrorism, extremism, consumption of tobacco, alcohol, narcotic drugs, hacker attacks organizing, porno peddling, suicidal calls, hints,
      9. comments, Information, containing intellectual property items, for which copyright is registered, with no required permit for such public placement or distribution,
      10. materials containing computer codes designed to break, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunication hardware or software for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers to commercial software products, logins, passwords and other means to get unauthorized access to paid resources in the Internet.
  6. The authorized person of the Website shall have the right to block (limit, restrict in access to the Information on the Website), for a certain time or forever, the Users who repeatedly break these Rules.
  7. Users shall use the Website at their own sole risk and pursuant to the provisions of applicable laws of Ukraine, and shall be liable for their acts or failure to act, which in any manner whatsoever were reflected in the Website and/or were performed using the Website Information.
  8. Uses shall be personally liable for any damage caused to the User’s computer and his/her data. Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and editorial team of the Website shall bear no liability for any damage, caused to the Users by the Website Information, inclusive of for the compliance of the Website with the goals of the User.
  9. If the User propagandizes, duplicates, illuminates any Material or service from the Website in Facebook, Twitter or by any other service in Internet network, such actions shall be governed by the relevant document regulate the rights and obligations of parties of Facebook, Twitter or other service in Internet network.
  10. If any third party raises any complaint against Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or editorial team of the Website with respect to the Information posted by the Users on the Website (inclusive of complaints from copyright owners and/or related rights owners, their authorized representatives or third parties), the User shall at his/her own discretion and at his/her own expense settle and resolve all disputes with persons, who raised complaints, and shall compensate for the losses of the Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” to the fullest extent.
  11. Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or editorial team of the Website hereby inform and Users shall realize and understand that Website server is automatically recording certain Information on User’s visit (use) of Website (Website elements, services) – i.e. access to the Website via browser, applications or other clients. These server logs may contain web requests, IP address, browser type and language, date and time of request, as well as contain one or more cookies that may be used to define browser or account or person (to the extent permitted by the applicable laws). User messages – when during the interaction and while using the Website he/she sends messages, inclusive of via support service, – may be stored and processed to respond to the inquiries and to improve the operation and services of the Website. E-mail address, provided by the User, may be used to contact him/her.
  12. Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or editorial team of the Website shall have the right to process Information, which was voluntarily provided by the Users via Website, e-mail, phone calls, written letters, and also provides for the use of such Information, inclusive of for the purpose of marketing research and targeting on the Website.
  13. Under no circumstances Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or editorial team of the Website shall be liable for any direct, indirect losses, losses suffered due to payment of punitive sanctions or any losses whatsoever, even if they were notified in advance on the possibility of such loss related to the use and/or unavailability to use the Website.
  14. Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or editorial team of the Website shall bear no liability for whole or partial loss of Website content, as well as for the poor quality or browsing speed of such content.
  15. Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or editorial team of the Website shall have the right to:
    1. use e-mail addresses and other voluntarily provided data of registered Users for the notification purposes,
    2. transfer messages to other section, if, according to them, they relate to relevant topic,
    3. use the copyright-protected items, provided by the Users, on the Website, including (but not limited to) pieces of work, articles, photos, videos, graphics under the terms and conditions of these Rules and pursuant to the reached agreements,
    4. block User’s account (profile) on the Website site, in the event of breach of these Rules,
    5. close any resource (service) of the Website, at any time, either with or without prior notice to the User. In this case, Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and/or editorial team of the Website shall not be liable for the termination of access to resources, owned on the Website.
  16. Editorial team of the Website may not share the opinion, value judgments, conclusions, convictions of the third parties, whose quotations, comments are posted, displayed on the Website.
  17. Editorial team of the Website shall have the right to add, change, delete, supplement Materials, Information and structure of the Website, as well as to close the Website (Website element) without prior notice to the Users.
  18. In the event of breach of any clause of these Rules, Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” reserves the right to protect its rights and interests by submitting complaints with law enforcement bodies and by taking legal actions in judicial authorities.
  19. In the event of any discrepancy regarding the application or interpretation of these Rules & Regulations, the text in Ukrainian language shall prevail.

Non-Governmental Organization “Innovation House” and editorial team of the Website: current1.test/inhouse