HR Expert Tetiana Pashkina: “We deliver unemployed persons with diplomas”

HR Expert Tetiana Pashkina: “We deliver unemployed persons with diplomas”

Diploma of higher education has become sort of fetish for Ukrainians and increasingly frequently instead of document, required for the obtaining of well-paid job, it moves into the realm of unreasonable and unaffordable expenditures.

This was told by Tetiana Pashkina, HR Expert of web-portal, at Innovation Market exhibition, where Innovation House was the informational partner.

According to her, Ukraine is placed 10th as to the number of experts having the university degree, and currently their share reaches 72%. But the reality is that young Ukrainians choose specialties, representatives of which have already glutted the market, and stay away from well-paid, but not very prestigious job.

Data of show that Engineers and IT Experts are top requested among the average holders of the diploma of higher education. The rest of presently topical specialties as Sales Advisor or Driver do not need higher education.

Tetiana Pashkina believes that the problem number one of Ukrainian education and labor market is their imbalance, when the personnel deficiency is observed in some fields for years, and some diploma holders can not find job due to excessive popularity of their specialty.

“As of today educational system exists in isolation from employment market. Jurisprudence, philology and management are in the list of the most popular specialties among the school leavers. However, the real market is glutted by such experts and, in the long run, lawyers and philologists will remain to be non-demanded, but unemployed persons with diplomas,” – she said.

According to, the average salary that the employer is willing to pay to lawyers with no work experience, is 3,200 UAH ($117), whereas the General Laborer at production site may count on the salary of 10,000–11,000 UAH ($367-404).

We may see major gap not only in salaries, but in number of available vacancies as well. As of November 22, 2017 web-portal has 1,309 vacancies for the position of Sales Advisor, however there are only 70 vacancies for the Lawyer and one for Philologist.