New touristic service will get you there, don’t know where

New touristic service will get you there

Customers of Ukrainian startup “Secret Ticket” just chose the day and pay for their tour, all the details of which are revealed to them only one day before departure.

“Secret” package include: bus or train tickets (3rd class by default, 2nd and 1st with additional fee); accommodation at hotel or hostel; tips on the best use of your time – the list of outstanding, traditional or unique places worth visiting.

Today the startup’s base comprises 10 cities, generally unknown to the majority of local travellers. That is why its founders – journalist Tetyana Kosianchuk and designer Sergiy Klepyck – have visited all of them and gathered information among the locals. “We would like for people to travel more. To be able to switch off the everyday routine and travel to an interesting place”, – that is the project’s mission according to its founders.

The project is running in the test mode now and the first “secret” customers will start travelling from the 15th of May 2017.

“Secret Ticket” startup comprises a social component – 10% from each tour will be transferred for the organization of trips and sightseeing tours for orphans.