Half of Ukrainian scientists cannot tell about their work through the media

Half of Ukrainian scientists cannot tell about their work through the media

On October 10, 2017 Interfax-Ukraine News Agency held press conference that showed the study of Sociological Group Rating on topic “Problems of science popularization in Ukraine”. Research was performed on the request of Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Partnership Forum”. Total sample: 1,000 scientists, representing 35 scientific institutions in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and Odesa.

Oleksii Antypovych, Director of Sociological Group Rating, Igor Iankovskyi, businessman and patron, initiator of Innovation House project, Victor Dosenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences, and Oleksandr Kulvanovskyi, CEO at Innovation House, took part in this event.

Research results, published by Oleksii Antypovych show that 86% of the polled believe that scientists should be engaged in science popularization, but in practical terms only 45% of them do this, and primarily – on a voluntary basis.

55% of the respondents state that it is difficult for them to communicate information about their inventions through the media. Specialized media work for narrow audience, and “popular” media mostly prefer entertaining information (this is evidenced by 59%).

Main complaint of scientists as to their current situation – unsatisfactory wages and lack of funding for their research. These are the main reasons, why 28% of the polled have desire to leave the research activities, and every fourth thinks about emigration. Investors, who are interested in innovations implementation, may make contribution to solve this problem. On the other hand, the research showed that 93% of the polled say that it is important for them that the results of their research work had practical implementation and reckon upon support of investors.

Thus, both sides need sort of “meeting point” for them to find out how can they be useful to each other.

Innovation House, established on the initiative of businessman and patron Igor Iankovskyi, is meant to meet this challenge.

According to him, idea to create communication platform for all innovation market participants has started up a year ago. At that point “Ukrainian Partnership Forum” held large-scale conference “United by Innovations”, whose participants clearly expressed their support for the establishment of special center to promote science and to exchange information between scientists, businessmen and journalists. Rating’s research confirmed this data.

Almost 90% of the respondents stand for the creation of center specialized in popularization of domestic scientific research, providing technical assistance to scientists, contributing to the formation of a positive image of scientists, and disseminating news on science and innovations in Ukraine.

“Everyone who visited the conference a year ago talked about the same thing, but in different languages. Therefore, idea has leaped into my mind to launch unified communication platform that would popularize science in Ukraine and would help to establish links between scientists, entrepreneurs, journalists and other communities. It’s a good thing that 90% of scientists support this idea. Innovation House project is already in operation, there is highly skilled team. We plan to attract residents from various fields – medicine, biology, chemistry, infrastructure, social sciences. I am well-assured that we will succeed in accumulation of interesting ideas, new developments on one platform and will give boost to innovations implementation in Ukraine,” – Igor Iankovskyi said.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Victor Dosenko, said that domestic business is more and more interested in innovations.

“Inch by inch I see positive steps on the part of business. Entrepreneurs turn to science, because they understand that there will be good European business just on account of resale, transport, and energy resources. We shall pour cash into science and get know-how, information on which you can make money with relatively small investments,” – scientist said.

According to Oleksandr Kulvanovskyi, CEO at Innovation House, project team has clearly defined two trends proved by poll results: scientists wish to communicate, and they are present in social networks.

“We started through Facebook and in two months from the start we have covered an audience of half a million unique users. 30% of them were active in content viewing and shared their comments. Thus, the issue of science and innovations is interesting to large attendance. Yet another discovery – content in English. Our Facebook page is read in 35 countries of the world, website – in over 85 countries. We are open for communication, partnership and strive for the people be interested in Ukrainian science and innovations,” Oleksandr Kulvanovskyi said.

Please find below full version of study results report:

«Проблеми популяризації науки в Україні: думки науковців» from Innovation House