Scientists have found that 24.5% of Ukrainians have “longevity gene”

Scientists have found that 24.5% of Ukrainians have “longevity gene”

About a quarter of Ukrainian population have one of “longevity genes” — this is reported by geneticists at Myhelix nutrigenetic research service. CC variant of IL6 gene was detected in 24.5% of Ukrainians. This peculiarity makes provisions for potential longevity — life up to 90 years or older.

IL6, or interleukin-6 — is albuminous compound, human immune system component. It is “responsible” for inflammatory processes and body temperature rise. Human body would not be able to fight against the consequences of burns, injuries, and other damages without interleukin-6. But high interleukin concentration is harmful: it provokes autoimmune reactions, body starts to “combat” own cells. With the increase of years interleukin-6 concentration in the blood stream rises. This is precisely why IL6 is considered to be one of the aging markers. The higher the concentration – the worse the result.

Interleukin-6 concentration in the blood stream depends on what variant of this gene was inherited by the person. There are three IL6 genotypes: GG, CG and CC. Carriers of GG have the highest concentration, carriers of CC — the lowest. Precisely this “good” IL6 variant was detected by Myhelix experts in 24.5% of Ukrainians. British people have CC genotype less often, in 19% of cases, according to statistics of 1000 Genomes Project Phase 3.

“IL6 CC variant – is the “genetic present”, proclivity for longevity. But it is important to realize that actual duration of life is some 30% depends on genes and 70% – on lifestyle: nutrition, physical exercise, presence or absence of bad habits”, – said Dariya Loseva, geneticist, molecular biologist and founder of Myhelix service.

DNA-test of men and women aged 3 to 80 years were used for the study.