Ukrainians purchase several-fold larger number of electric cars than Russians

Українці купують в декілька разів більше електромобілів, ніж росіяни

In spite of the fact that Russia can boast the second largest European (according to “Autostat” Analytic Agency) car market, against the background of the sales of gasoline and diesel cars, sales of electric cars come in nowhere. According to information, published in early September, by the results of 7 months of 2017 sales of new electric cars in Russia were 39 units (which is more by 18% than in the previous year – 33 units): 27 Tesla, 8 Nissan Leaf, 3 Renault Twizy and one Mitsubishi i-MiEV. What is interesting 25 out of 39 electric cars are registered in Moscow and localities near Moscow.

In Ukraine in January-May period 958 electric cars were registered. In other words, every 50th car sold in Ukraine operates on electricity. During the year demand for them increased 2.8-fold. Sure thing, not all the electric cars sold in Ukraine in the first half of the year were new. However, even having relatively small share of new electric cars (18% of sales), their number reached 134 units.

Thus, while in Russia purchase of new gasoline and diesel cars is extensively subsidized (a wide range of programs and benefits with governmental subsidies within limits of 10-12.5%), Ukraine is introducing innovative electric cars – driven by infrastructure development, favorable offers from dealers and, in no small way, because of 10% customs duties removal in 2016.

Ukrainian government is ready to go to even greater extremes in its endeavors to support innovative industry of environmentally friendly cars. When importing electric vehicles by 2021 it is proposed to remove obligatory payments – VAT and pension tax (a total of 21.6%) and excise duty (109 EUR), which may significantly affect the attractiveness of such cars. And what is more, plans call for profit tax reduction for auto dealers, and purchasers of electric cars will be reimbursed some funds spent.