TOP 10 important scientific discoveries of 2017

TOP 10 important scientific discoveries of 2017

It wasn’t that long ago since the first half of the present year was over, but Futurism magazine has already decided that the year 2017 became the year of so much important scientific discoveries and achievements, that it is time to start to sum up the results. So, here are TOP 10 (and it’s not yet autumn!).

1. For the first time ever US scientists successfully edited the human embryo

Researchers in Portland, Oregon, USA, taking advantage of the revolutionary gene-editing technique CRISPR, “deleted” the gene linked to heart conditions.

2. Metallic hydrogen is created

To create the amazing material, superproperties of which have long been predicted by the scientists, hydrogen was exposed to unbelievable pressure of about 5 million bars. It is the first time a state of hydrogen has existed in a metallic state on Earth, having become the perfect conductor that previously (theoretically) existed in codes of certain stars only.

3. New life-supporting planet is discovered

Scientists from European Organisation for Astronomical Research discovered the planed with the “romantic” name LHS 1140b. Planet is located within the habitable zone of a star 40 light-years away from the Earth. It receives about half as much sunlight from its star, as the Earth does from the Sun.

4. CRISPR technique helped to edit gene inside the human body

The most accessible gene-editing technique CRISPR will make us stare over and over again. In the early summer of this year scientists declared that they managed to remove the human papillomavirus by applying a gel that carries the necessary DNA coding to the cervixes of 60 women to disable the tumor growth mechanism.

5. Human organs and tissues growth technology

Human tissues and even organs may be grown at the lab – the first successful tests have already been made in Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. One day this technology will be applied to save people’s lives around the world.

6. Artificial intelligence has learned how to navigate complex environments

Google’s artificial intelligence subsidiary DeepMind dealing with AI technologies has taught the software to simulate virtual environment navigation, which is a very rugged terrain – with barriers, pits and other obstacles. It is a big step forward for the creation of autonomous AI apparatus.

7. Reusable rockets translated into reality

Is seems that it was long time ago, but in fact the first launch and landing of Falcon 9 reusable rocket of SpaceX company was only at the end of March. And thus the most affordable orbital rocket system became even more affordable – a saving of more than $18 million per each launch.

8. Lamp grown outside the womb

Having created perfect environment in special fluid-filled bag, researches at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have managed to grow lamb embryo. If we imitate the womb, then in the future if this technology is used, we will be able to prevent diseases and decrease mortality rate of prematurely born children.

9. Breakthrough in quantum computing technology

A 51-qubit quantum computer was unveiled to the world at the end of July. This universal programmable system and those, that will be created later, will help to solve tasks that are as of unsolvable in the context of possibilities of computing machines classic architecture.

10. Computer outplayed human at Go

AlphaGo computer of Google company outplayed five world’s best professional Go players. Peculiarity and distinctive feature of this game, as opposed to the chess, for instance, lies in the fact that it is hard if not impossible to win using the deep calculation method of match game, “brute force” method. So, for the first time ever computer won this game using the “creative approach”.