5 new technologies that will soon become mainstream

5 new technologies that will soon become mainstream

It is expected that within 10 years a variety of technologies that are just in the “trial run” will become mainstream.

1. Goods delivery by drones (automated delivery)

With the emergence of drones logistics industry will undergo significant transformations. As of today the main barrier on the way to implement it, is the consensus achievement as to the safe movement of autonomous flying machines within the city limits. But this issue will somehow be resolved, especially since some operators (let’s recall the example of the world’s largest online store Amazon) is already making attempts towards implementation of this technology.

2. Driverless cars

Technology that already exists in years to come will become reality for the overwhelming number of practical applications (except, perhaps, off-road driving and sports competitions). Forecasts as to the dates when this technology will really become mainstream differ, but all agree that this will surely happen within 10 years – for the developed countries at least. It is understood that transport vehicle usage paradigm will be changed: taxi and considerable part of private cars will disappear, only “cars-as-a-service” will exist – something average between two these applications.

3. Smart home

Up to now “smart home” technologies are not “smart” enough. Some concept elements use to take their roots, some – no. As a final result, only proven standardized solutions that will help to reduce energy consumption in households, increase safety of life, convenience of use of a variety of public utility services and household appliances will predominate on the market.

4. Artificial intelligence in the medical industry

It is the artificial intelligence who will come to grips with overwhelming big data. By analyzing the global-scale data obtained from the patients, breakthrough in treatment of many diseases and human life quality improvement at large will be made. Decision on administration of one or another drug under most circumstances (in case of diseases like cold or food intoxication) will be taken by “electronic brain” – more precisely and with no “human factor”.

5. Smart glasses

“VR Headset” or “smart glasses” technology becomes more viable at every new development stage. This technology can (and according to experts, shall) functionally replace smartphones and not only smartphones. For instance, complete augmented reality and virtual reality – software applications unavailable for present-day smartphones and other portable devices, but can become available in the very near future using the “smart glasses”.