Artificial muscle fibers for superhuman being

Artificial muscle fibers for superhuman being

Synthetic carbon material developed by the researchers is similar to muscle fibers and may lift up to 12,600 times its own weight.

Researchers at the University of Illinois (U.S.) have developed technology that may be used to create artificial muscles that surpass their analogies. Researchers say that such “muscle” may lift up to 12,600 times its own weight. This is some 18 times more than the possibilities of human muscles.

The study with very promising results was published in Smart Materials and Structures multidisciplinary journal. Authors report that technology is based on the use of coiled carbon fiber-reinforced siloxane rubber. Fibers show their performance when electrically actuated. The minimum current is fair enough to activate the compression mechanism. The maximum force is achieved thanks to the twisted structure of artificial muscle fibers.

It is expected that commercial sample of such muscle will be applied in a number of fields, including prosthetics and robotics. Given that all the materials needed for the creation of artificial muscle fibers and finished artificial muscles are available on the market in terms of technology and affordable in terms of the cost of materials, the final product may become rather commercially successful and in high demand. Lightweight and strong artificial muscles may potentially be used where pneumatic and hydraulic drives are typically used.

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