FlashBatteries electric vehicles with 5 minutes charging: truth or hoax?

FlashBatteries electric vehicles with 5 minutes charging: truth or hoax?

Israel-based startup StoreDot has been making information noise around its developments for the past few years, having reporting that almost instantly chargeable batteries will soon be created. However, the latest news stating that startup raised $60 mln round of investments, gives pause for thought for the skeptics, who said that this technology is improbable. As of today we may state the obvious.

Trucks Division of notable Daimler AG declared that it has invested considerable funds in electric accumulators development for its future vehicles. Moreover, other prominent players, including Korean giant of electrical engineering Samsung, took part in investment project.

StoreDot reports that they concluded strategic partnership agreement as a part of fast battery charging technology. FlashBattery technology of StoreDot company allows for charging of batteries of any transportation device in a matter of minutes – nearly as quickly as filling the gasoline powered truck. This technology that has high recharging efficiency is interesting for commercial vehicles.

At the same time, better usage of braking energy increases the distance traveled with one “refueling” and requires less frequent charging. Future-generation Mercedes FUSO eCanter was chosen as a project for which technology will possible be primarily rolled smooth.

Description of StoreDot technology says that batteries use “chemically synthesized organic molecules of non-biological origin”. “Innovative” molecules demonstrate “uniquely tunable optical and electrochemical properties, which allow for enhanced performance of energy storage devices.”

All this sounds quite “pseudo-scientific” and looks like a booklet of inventors of the “perpetual motion machine”, but it is hard to believe that top companies have invested in this business without any due diligence.

New battery system can be fully charged within 5 minutes

Startup say that new battery system can be fully charged within 5 minutes and enables a range of up to 480 km (300 miles). StoreDot plans to launch mass industrial production of electrical energy storage system at its own facility OneGiga by 2022. Manufacturing facilities will be located in Shenzhen, China.

In years to come we will see how realistic the plans of the company were (and how viable is this technology itself). But this sounds intriguing.