Child safety seat with built-in airbags

Child safety seat with built-in airbags

Innovations safeguarding life and health of our children: Maxi-Cosi company has developed safety seat, equipped with built-in airbags.

Maxi-Cosi company took care of enhancing the safety of children transported in vehicles and developed world’s first safety seat for children with built-in airbags. Developers of one-of-a-kind innovative safety seat increases the child’s safety by 55%.

The main feature of safety seats for children is that they are placed with their front or rear sides facing the direction of movement. Safety seats for the youngest passengers are placed with their rear sides forward-facing to protect the neck and back of a child from forward throw in case of an accident. Safety seats for older children are placed with their front sides forward-facing on the presumption that the neck and back of a child are already strong enough to resist injuries in case of emergency. However, there is still a considerable risk of having your vertebral column damaged, even if you are adult person and wear the safety belt.

To avoid the possible injuries and traumas, innovative safety seat has special attachment complying with IsoFix standard, which is sensible to forward throw and inflates with cold air built-in airbags located inside safety belts. Airbags immediately deflate after impact to let the child free himself.

Developers say that this invention can significantly reduce injuries, protect head and neck (vertebral column) of a child. This solution may be commercially successful, but so far this innovative safety seat is rather costly – £550 (more than UAH 20,000).