3.5 GHz band is being tested for 5G deployment in London

Діапазон 3,5 ГГЦ тестують для розгорнення 5G у Лондоні

European operators in cooperation with manufacturers keep on testing equipment to develop 5G networks.

Demonstration of the possibilities of 5G networks

Recently Ericsson showed solution for 5G networks in 3.5 GHz band. This is a part of renewed commercial products line of Ericsson 5G New Radio. Shortly before, global operator Vodafone, that will soon conduct tests with Ericsson in London, expressed its interest in scenarios development for 5G application in 3.5 GHz band.

3.5 GHz band – one of the most promising for the deployment of 5G networks in Europe, given that it may provide for the capacity required for high traffic volume.

Moreover, such frequencies will ensure great and well-penetrating coverage that is important for the mass use of IoT and connection of various devices to 5G networks, for instance, vehicles.

According to estimates, all urban areas and major traffic arteries in Europe will be covered with 5G by 2025.