Google has purchased Belarusian startup

Google купил белорусский стартап Fabby

Computer vision – artificial intelligence field that lets computers “see” and process images like humans do (and, in fact, often better than us), and then use those images to help run programs. Such a principle is the bedrock of futuristic technologies.

Technology of the future – Belarusian startup AIMatter

Belarusian startup AIMatter that was recently purchased by American corporation Google works in this very direction. AIMatter developed Fabby application for the processing of photo and video – neural network-based technology that allows for the real-time processing of streaming video on mobile devices. Fabby processes selfies of users, determines the background of photo and makes it possible to replace it with other background – static or animated image.

Fabby application took the first place in “best applications” ranking in 14 countries of the world

AIMatter startup was founded in mid-2016

AIMatter owners are former Vice-President of Group Yuri Gurski and ex-head of business unit “Maps” of Yuriy Melnychek.

Transaction amount is not disclosed by the parties, but Yuri Gurski in his interview to Belarusian web-portal said that they are “deeply satisfied” with its conditions.

And considering the fact that application was already downloaded by more than 2 mln persons and it is going to move beyond at a quick rate, we may reach the conclusion that majority of its employees will be be working on for Google.

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