Love relieves pain

Любовь снимает боль

Scientific advice for International Women’s Day (March 8) and for the rest of your life: love each other and hold hands of each other, women need this!

IWD may be treated differently. Someone does not like it for ideological reasons, someone says that men shall take care of their women all the year round, but not during two or three “festive” days of the year. Indeed, when spring arrives and when the number of daylight hours increases, the number of hormones in the blood is going up. Our behavior changes, it is much easier for us to fall in love, and we feel love more distinct and clear.

But now we have the proof that love is an excellent painkiller. The team of researchers from University of Colorado, University of Haifa, and Paris Diderot University have found that woman feels less pain when she holds the hand of her beloved person. On the average, about half of the pain is “absorbed” by the beloved person. On top of this, the more EEG of women and men coincided at the time of the experiment, the less pain the woman experienced. “Synchronization” at the brain level has meant that woman experienced less pain if her man was empathetic!

Researchers believe that this occurs for two reasons. First, when someone is touching us or when we touch someone, our body produces chemicals that ease the pain and decrease stress level. The second effect is related to “synchronization” of couple: researchers say that empathic component serves as an “analgesic”.