MeTro: instant glue heals wounds without stitches and staples

MeTro: мгновенный клей заживляет раны без швов и скоб MeTro: миттєвий клей заживляє рани без швів і скоб MeTro: instant glue heals wounds without stitches and staples
Photo: The University of Sydney

A team of researchers has developed MeTro instant glue that seals a wound in a matter of seconds once treated with UV light.

Biomedical engineers from the University of Sydney (Australia) in collaboration with their colleagues from the United States of America have developed new, flexible, instant glue able to treat wounds in body tissues that continually expand and relax, – without surgical sutures and staples. Brand-new product is called MeTro and Elastagen Pty Ltd is now dealing with commercialization of this technology to make it available around the world.

Science journal has reported about this invention that may save millions of lives. According to the developers of this glue, MeTro is applied directly to the incision or to the area to be healed from the special syringe. When this is done, glue is exposed to ultraviolet light. Non-toxic glue is stiffened in 60 seconds and fixes the edges of the wound without stitches and staples that shall usually be removed afterwards. With equal effectiveness, instant surgical glue makes it possible to seal wounds of lungs, vessels – arteries and veins, heart – i.e. those organs that are always on the move or surrounded by liquids. If traditional seams are used, wounds may open again. However, experiments conducted on rodents and pigs have shown that the liquid or gel-like material has quickly and successfully sealed incisions.

This instant surgical glue has a built-in degrading enzyme that allows us to “modify” it as to the duration of sealing effect – from hours to months, to provide adequate time for the wound to heal. Broadly speaking, “sewing together” of biotissue is similar to fastening or hermetic sealing of construction materials – bath and toilet equipment, ceramic tiles – by using a silicone-based adhesive or sealing compound.

This solution will be especially useful in the disaster zones, traffic accidents, of-the-job and on-the-job injuries and in war zones as well.