Human head transplant is performed in China

Human head transplant is performed in China

Successful human head transplant (head transplant from the donor onto the recipient) was carried out on a corpse in China. During 18-hour surgery doctors successfully reconnected the spine, nerves and blood vessels to resume the motility of body organs.

Inventor of idea, Italian Professor Sergio Canavero, has reported about the first successful experience in transplantation of human head (previously, there were successful attempts on monkeys, dogs, and smaller mammals). At Vienna press conference he said that surgery was performed by the team of surgeons from Harbin Medical University, led by Dr Xiaoping Ren, who has successfully carried out head transplant on monkey’s body.

Previously, in 2015, Professor Canavero has shocked the world with his statements that in the next two years he will perform head transplant of alive human on new body. Russian computer scientist Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from a muscle-wasting disease, was chosen to be the first patient. It was stated that the surgery will likely to be performed in China that is rather liberal as to the body transplant experiments. But a short time ago it has transpired that it is more than likely that the Russian national will not be the patient due to legal and financial issues.

Canavero shows no sign of letting up. The further plans of the scientist include transplant of brain from donor onto the recipient’s body. Professor said that he will soon publish the results of this surgery in peer-reviewed articles. This is of prime importance, since we have a set of questions: in what way the brain will be kept alive during the transplantation procedure, how did the Chinese doctors check the motor functions of the dead body and how did they manage to shorten the time of surgery from pre-scheduled 36 hours to 18 hours?

According to Sergio Canavero, aging is a disease that may be now cured by transplanting the brain from one body to another. His ambitious goal is to fight down the aging on the Earth and to give people the chance of living till the physical deterioration of their brain.