World’s first space hotel may be constructed by 2022

Перший космічний готель може з’явитися до 2022 року Первый космический отель может появиться к 2022 году

California-based startup Orion Span has announced that space hotel will be in orbit within four years.

Startup Orion Span has publicly declared its intentions to launch the first space hotel into Earth orbit. If you are about to get experience of staying in orbit, then you shall be ready to pay at least $9.5 million. This amount will cover transportation of a space tourist to orbital hotel, hotel stay for 12 days, journey home, and three-month training program.

Space tourist station Aurora Station will move on orbit ​at an altitude of 200 miles (320 kilometers) above the Earth. Its volume is 5,650 feet³ (160 meters³), it is 43.5 feet (13 meters) long and designed for six people, inclusive two crew members.

Aurora Station will complete an orbit every 90 minutes, which will allow the space tourists to see our home planet in detail. Tourists will be also granted the opportunity to enjoy fastest wireless internet access to stay in touch with the Earth.

Frank Bunger, CEO at Orion Span, is secretive about the exact cost of the project, but mentions some “dozens of millions” of USD. This is far below what others have paid to go to space. According to Mr. Bunger, he was going to save money through partnerships with private sector companies, like SpaceX or Blue Origin, which will allegedly be able to deliver tourists into orbit and get them back to Earth, in exchange for the permission to use the resources of the space station.

As a reminder, SpaceX is working to create spacecraft for manned missions to Mars, however, Blue Origin (company of Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder at Amazon) has no plans in this direction in the near future.

Orion Span is going to build space station at its own facility in Houston, but production will be launched no sooner than in six months.

Orion Span startup is based in San Mateo (CA, the USA). The actual amount of investments to create space hotel is being held confidential, however, company’s website offers potential investors to participate in the project.