Why do Ukrainians prefer to study abroad rather than in Ukraine?

Why do Ukrainians prefer to study abroad rather than in Ukraine?

Ukrainians increasingly frequently choose foreign establishments to get higher education.

This was told by Tetiana Pashkina, HR Expert of Rabota.ua web-portal, at Innovation Market exhibition, where Innovation House was the informational partner.

One of the reasons for the popularity of foreign higher education establishments lies in the fact that only 13,4% of Ukrainians are satisfied with the quality of higher education in our country. At the same time, more than half of Ukrainians are of the opinion that the quality of education is moderate.

Yet another “thorn” in the side of Ukrainian higher education establishments is the cost of education: in Poland, for instance, it ranges from UAH 7,500 ($276), while the “tariffs” of national establishments start with UAH 12,000 ($442). In addition to the above, higher education establishments frequently provide Ukrainian students with an opportunity of getting free education, as well as residence and work permit in the country upon the graduation.

As a result, year after year Polish higher education establishments study a growing number of Ukrainians. As of today, they reach 35,000 persons, which is 2,6% of the total number of students. As a comparison, in 2013 as little as 15,000 Ukrainian students studied in Poland.

Unfortunately, only 25% of those Ukrainians, who study in Poland, come back to their native country. The other 75% of the students succeed in getting strong personal and working liaisons until they finish their studies.