Professions of 65% of today’s first-graders do not yet exist

Professions of 65% of today’s first-graders do not yet exist Профессий 65% сегодняшних первоклашек еще не существует Професій 65% сьогоднішніх першокласників ще не існує

Overall, 65% of children attending the first grade of primary school will hold positions that do not yet exist.

Yet another technological revolution is generating the field, where professions appear, alter, and disappear at warp speed. Thus, according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 65% of kids today will do jobs that have not yet been invented.

Present day generation of people is working in the fields that have not existed before. About a century and a half ago very few people could boast of having mastered some profession that did not exist at the time of their birth, but now this trend has reversed. In those days, if you were the expert in some particular field, you could enjoy the benefits derived from you “expert” title till the last days of your life. But now, if you are an expert in some field, it is highly likely that you will lose your position in 10 years, if you stop studying and learning.


Thus, wide dissemination of internet and other means of electronic communication has shaped and keeps on shaping agenda on the labor market, which makes almost any employed adult be familiarized with fundamentals of working with network and IT solutions. But it would be insufficient to master the additional skills and knowledge in the future: you should be prepared for such sweeping changes as repeated job changes. According to OECD, we shall be prepared to change an average of 25 jobs throughout our lives. One can (and as critical thinking stipulates – shall!) cast doubt on this statement, but it is already apparent that the pace of life is speeding up and professions are changing every single day.

To cope with this dynamic, not only children, but also those, who are going to work and compete in 20 years with our rising generation, shall master the skills that will assist in retraining, learnability, switching to new job or specialty with no nervous breakdowns, and smooth cooperation. The time has come to bear in mind that certificates and diplomas mean nothing, what is important is your skills and knowledge, how they are topical and how you can apply them.