American post office employees fear losing their jobs due to drones

American post office employees fear losing their jobs due to drones

At a time when goods transportation by unmanned trucks and parcels delivery by drones remain a goal for the future of Ukraine, American trade unions are very concerned about the possible staff reductions. This is no matter for jokes, thousands of employees working in the field of cargo transportation, courier and postal services are endangered.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Teamsters, one of the most powerful trade unions of the USA, has made some demands to the United Parcel Service (UPS) – American multinational package delivery company. Demands include, inter alia, to ban UPS from using drones or driverless vehicles. Moreover, trade union wants the company to hire extra workers and halt late night deliveries.

While, business is continuing its efforts to automate all the processes to cut costs and to exclude the influence of the human factor, on frequent occasions the fate of employees of such automatized field is overshadowed. Sure thing, the replacement issue of workers in entire industries with artificial intelligence and robots, is a matter of concern of Innovation House community, which is constantly reminded during the meetings and through our social media platforms. As we can see, this issue has acquired urgency in the USA, and enormous number UPS employees has initiated the negotiation process with the company, backed by the force of trade union movement. It shall be noted that 260,000 of 318,000 UPS employees in the USA are the members of Teamsters.

As is well known, many companies in this field are now considering the possibility of delivery of parcels within the city limits using the drones. Unmanned trucks may start delivering goods between the logistics centers. Experts say that following the successful tests of unmanned vehicles, emergence of cars able not only drive in their lines, but also drive with virtually no involvement of the driver to the set address, truck drivers and taxi drivers will be replaced by unmanned vehicles.

Teamsters requires not to introduce unmanned vehicles, quadcopters and other technologies that provide for the replacement of person by automated systems at the stages of acceptance, transportation and delivery of goods. UPS employees are right to be concerned: the company has placed an order for 125 Tesla all-electric semi-trucks with automatic pilot systems – it is the largest public pre-order yet. Moreover, about a year ago the company has tested home delivery by drone. A drone was launched from car roof, flew toward its destination, dropped a package, and then returned to the vehicle.