Hundreds of millions of years ago Venus might have been habitable

Сотни миллионов лет назад на Венере могла быть жизнь Сотні мільйонів років тому на Венері могло бути життя Hundreds of millions of years ago Venus might have been habitable

The team of researchers at NASA reported that when the Solar System was in its youthful phase Venus was quite suitable for the existence of life. So, what does that mean for the science?

The Solar System was formed some 4 to 5 billion of years ago. The life on Earth appeared approximately 3.7 to 4.1 billions of years ago (by various estimations). In this regard, according to a considerable number of researchers, perhaps, there were no life on Venus due to aggressive climate with high temperature and very long time of days (the rotation rate of the planet about its axis). However, the latest estimates of the team of researchers cooperating with NASA suggested otherwise: the life on Venus could exist during this period from approximately 715 millions to 2 billions of years ago.

Venus in the form in which it exists today is much different from Earth. Currently Venus has a 116 Earth-day-length solar day, which results in very restricted time when certain parts of the surface of Venus are under the light of the Sun. However, the temperature of the atmosphere, consisting basically of carbon dioxide is nearly 460°C (860°F), pressure the planet’s surface is currently exceeding 92 bars (comparable to the atmospheric pressure and water pressure at a depth of 920 meters – it is twice as deep as modern submarines may immerse). But today is today.

However, the team of researchers said that some 2 billion of years ago there were favorable conditions to spawn life on Venus. At that time Venus when was young planet, there were some multicellular organisms on Earth that could cope with abundantly of oxygen in the atmosphere. We have conducted three-dimensional climate simulations using topographic data from the Magellan mission showing that solar spectral irradiance estimates for 2.9 and 0.715 billion years ago. According to information received, Venus wrapped in oceans might have been habitable. And, according to the information received, there could well be life on Venus covered by the ocean.

This information offers us greater opportunities for the exoplanetary research and increases accuracy of habitable area estimation in other stellar systems beyond our Solar System.